Teen Titans are back with new shows same VA's


The show is gonna be called Teen Titans Go! (Duh) and have a heavy stress on “Character-driven comedy". This new show will have some awesome producers who have worked the old Teen Titans cartoon, the Green Lantern show on DC nation, and Mad.

I’m kinda hyped for this actually, Pre 52 FTW!


More Raven/Starfire is good. :slight_smile:


Now I’ll get to find out if Cyborg ever hooked up with that evil white chick!




Two of my favorite shorts, this series should be pretty legit even if I prefer the old art style more than this new one.



Not really loving the new art style, but I loved the old show.


Yes! I’m glad to see this show back! The chibi thing I’ll have to get used to, but if it’s as good as the first 5 seasons I’ll be happy.

Also, Raven is the best DC character.


this is smh worthy. i tolerated the original Teen Titans for one season, and I was 10 when it first came out. what makes DC think that this will respark interest in the Teen Titans franchise again? especially if it’s using anime fad that went ages ago, as its primary art style.

i rather would have seen the revamped TT with the hyper-sexualized Starfire.


Not liking the art style, and as much as I like the comedy I liked the drama of the show had why not just continue it? I really wanted to see what happened with Terra Oh well hope this doesn’t suck.


Ravens hotter. But I agree.

Isn’t terra dead? Like for real? They had a look a like but terra is dead for good.


Awesome, a reason to turn on the TV again. While I certainly would have preferred something more along the style of Young Justice, beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take any pre-Outlaws Starfire I can get.


I’m torn. I love Teen Titans, but I hate SD style for anything more than Omake


Considering who the producers are and how all the shows they have worked on most recently have been good and how the shorts have kept the same feel as the old show I highly doubt it’ll suck.

I’m sure they will still have some drama in there considering they are gonna try to tackle the stress in between battles that heroes have to deal with. I’d be surprised if they attempted to do a show that is nothing but superheroes being funny for 30 straight minutes. Ultimate Spiderman is trying that now with terrible results.

My real question is who are they gonna say was Red X all this time??? I’ve been wanting to know that for years.


Wow, this looks really super ultra gay.
It’s so fantastic loser fest, they might as well call the show that. Filled with so much weeaboo juice, it hurts to even look at it.
I thought the last Teen Titans was bad with their anime crap, but this takes it to another level.

If I had brain damage I’d possibly enjoy this show.
But alas…


I dunno, I would rather take a show with outdated anime fads over a show with pony ass. Plus, the original producer is half-Japanese, so it was inevitable that Teen Titans would have some anime influence.


If you watched the credits of the first show, there were a ton of Japanese names in there…


I agree, the other show was a piece of shit, what with the producers focusing on smaller stories and nothing character driven. They even went so far as to never do any real names or true identities because it would “Confuse children” right…

Also Raven is a fucking D-list hero and always has been, I have no idea why people like little miss Goth and her fagtastic magick.


'03 Teen Titans had enough anime influence. It didn’t need another huge dose of it.


Oh, god dammit, that crappy-ass rakugaki comic title got it’s own animated series?? And Cassandra Cain can’t get her own? Wtf


The fucks with the TT hate? First off, that show was the shit. Second off, that’s all I need to fucking say, and it shouldn’t even need to be said.


First show was ass. Whole “amerime” style was a huge turn off. On top of other awful crap like the characters not having identifies or real names, show created villains were pure ass, the city they defend was lifeless and had quite possibly the worst origin story I ever witnessed on a superhero team show. This news saddens. Animal Man shorts deserved it’s over show over this