Teenage girl tries to buy back fake ID from cop




this is the most useless piece of shit news ever



Well, presuming things went down as stated (and that is a presumption), I really don’t have anything eloquent or well thought out to contribute, so I’ll just score cheap points by referencing old movies.

“What did she expect would happen? Larger sums have been offered and declined. For example:”

[details=Spoiler](If it tries to embed, please fast forward to 4:20)



i know its not the most exciting piece of news ever, but i just thought it was funny and decided to share. i mean really, who does that kind of shit lol


She should have said I will suck your dick to get that back, he would have went for it.


lol Florida.


what amazes me is how low her offer was. I mean she told the cop she had to wait a long time to save the money up for it and only offers 15.


That cop don’t give a shit about $15. On the other hand if it had been a box of Krispy Kremes…