Teenage Mutant Ninja Russians

Oh my god…

For some reason I was talking with my Latvian girlfriend about the turtles and while there isn’t a Latvian version, she told me they did receive the Russian one. The intro is epic::rock:


Here’s the German version too:

"Sie sind echt ein ultra-heisses team!" :rofl:

It’s even funnier when you understand Russian.


German Intro was crazy.

Edit: German Intro is fuggin’ dope. :rock:

Haha, he sounds like a robot when he says: “Scoobydoobydoo”, at the end.

Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Finally found this one. This is the edited intro that was shown in the UK and Holland. Notice how they cut out as much of Michelangelo because nunchuks were illegal. Also, they’re called hero turtles, rather than ninja’s.


And say what you want about the Russian version, at least it’s somewhat similar to the original, as opposed to the Hebrew intro music:


I like the German intro a lot, but the Russian intro just made me laugh.

oh fuck me

lol damn, that’s why people never knew what I meant when I called 'em the hero turtles.

and lol at the nun chucks censorship, i guess katanas and those things rafael used were just fine and dandy lol.

HAHAHAHA. Oh my god. That sounds like some crazy ass propaganda music.

I love this Russian TMNT intro & all the related videos it’s taking me to.

I was so confused as a kid when the movie came out. “Ninja Turtles? Shit must be fake.”

Russian Ducktales anyone?

Also, let’s make fun of my own country(sorry, no Dutch ninja turtles):

More Dutch stupidity. I thought they had learned their lesson after showing the Simpsons on saturday mornings, spoken in Dutch, but they still went ahead and dubbed the movie:

OMG :rofl: :shake: :rofl: