Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Anime

It may be old, but this video is just hilarious.


And the Turtle Band.


Why do Anime’s always make everyone/everything turn into/transform/mutate/morph into something?


What the fuck? Here’s a couple questions I have.

A) They don’t even look like the turtles anymore.

B) When did they move from New York to Japan?

C) Why do they need super mutation…they were able to handle tough as shit being just ninjas?

D) Have they killed the creator of this yet?

DAMN they pimped the hell out of Bebop & Rocksteady!!!

Ugh. Why the hell would you ever mix Ninja Turtles with Super Sentai?

WONDERFUL!..now all they need is gravity defying hair and a golden aura and it’ll be even more awesome! =D

on a side note…O.o…wow…i knew i had heard that song in the arcade…didn’t know konami actually took the song that was the intro for the turtles in time arcade game from this concert.

Why does Shredder look like a gundam?


They got turned into Power Rangers.

First Spider Man , then Turtles … What’s next ?

woa, they just combined my 3 favorite things in life. TMNT, transformers, and dragon ball.