Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up


Yea so I downloaded this game the other day…(i have a modded wii) and it seemed ok. Just wondering if anyone else did the same or will be buying the game in the future.


I just bought the game. Spent 10 minutes with it. Seems cool, I’ll probably play it a bit online.

Would be cool if SRKers liked this game. Would be nice to play a smash-esque game that has a more mature crowd that wasn’t stupid.


I hope by downloaded you mean bought it then backed it up.

If not, then I’ve got some choice 4 letter words for you.


Definitely gonna get it when it price drops a bit… Seems great for a 19.99 or 29.99 purchase.




Still too early, but the consensous right now is that Karai is the best character followed by one of the Turtles (probably Donnatello).

Utrominator is the worst character by far. Only a few of his moves are safe. Raving Rabbid and Splinter Cell Rabbid are terrible, with Ninja Rabbid being only slightly better.

My predictions are:

S: Karai, Donnatello
A+: Leonardo, Nightwatcher, Fugitoid
A: Foot Ninja, Raphel, Shredder, Michelangelo, Splinter
B+: Ninja Rabbid, April, Casey
B: Splinter Rabbid, Raving Rabbid
C: Utrominator

That isn’t confirmed, but I figure its pretty close. Game isn’t that hard to understand.


My name is Hector Ramirez from the UAPO (United Anti Piracy Organization) and I have contacted the owners of this site in regards to you performing the act of illegal downloading. You will be receiving a letter in the mail very shortly. We can resolve this matter peacefully if you PayPal me $1000 dollars and I will look the other way. Just don’t tell my bosses.


IMO Casey is lower then Ultrom. Most of his moves have terrible startup and recovery. Ultrominater for the most part has bad recovery, but half of his moves have good startup to make up for that. He does good damage as well. My tier list is:

Top: Karai > Mike

High: Leo > Foot > Raph > Fugitoid > Don

Mid: April > Nightwatcher > Splinter > Ultrominator > Shredder

Low: Casey

Bottom: N. Rabbid > S.Rabbid > R.Rabbid


is this game online?


^ yes


is it any good?


Oh yeah. The game is well thought out. Only a few dumb things, like grabs beating out some attacks, even on hit, and they do mad damage. Wall dives also do ridiculous damage and they’re homing. I reccommend it though if you want to play a smash bros. that requires more skill and thinking.


This is actually more accurate than mine. The only thing I disagree with is N.Rabbid being worse than Casey. I can see why Mike is high up there. Stun attacks galore.


Well tbh, I haven’t really gotten into the rabbids much when I put them on the list (hated them ever since their debut in the Rayman series). Recently, I’ve been playing them more often since I’m pretty solid with everyone else. N. rabbid does have range with projectile attacks, and he doesn’t have as many useless moves as the other two Rabbids. I agree that N.Rabbid is higher then Casey.


Yeah. N.Rabbid is probably the only Rabbid that makes sense out of all of them. His N-air is really good too.

Oh yeah, Shredder should be higher. He has a very dangerous wall set-up.


i heard this game was really simple? and… well bad… lol. sounds like i heard wrong? or is it stupid simple? isnt it 2 button fighting?


No, there’s auctually 6 buttons you use (not including the jump button since you don’t need it to jump):

  • Weak attack
  • Strong attack
  • Use Item
  • Guard
  • Grab
  • Target button (makes a controllable target appear on screen to change item type and interact with some aspects of the stages.

People say it’s more dumbed down then Smash bros. cause it doesn’t have as many attacks and doesn’t have as much flexibility. For example you can only do 3 different attacks when airborne (not including wall dive and pole swing) and you can’t use weapons while in the air. However, the grounded movelist has expanded a bit with 2-button combination attacks as well as tilt and tap commands for both attack buttons. it also got the fundamental fighting mechanics down solid, right down to the damage scaling. The risk/reward makes more sense here:

Attack < Dodge < Grab < Throw-Tech/Airborne/Whiff

I added the last two in cause of the misconception that grabs are OPed in this game. If you whiff a grab or it gets teched, you’re vunerable for serious damage.

Basically, The game makes competitive sense, alot more sense then Brawl did with its free invincibilty frames at the push of a button. The only thing Smash-up is lacking is a large roster and more flexibile options in the movesets. It’s still a good game though, and you should give it a chance.

EDIT: Wanted to update my tier list. I’ve been experiencing with the Rabbids more and I’m finding lots of new stuff with them. I previously put S.Rabbid over R.Rabbid due to him having a 3x projectile attack. I’m starting to see how punishable the move is. It has bad startup (not the worst, but not good either) and only the first two shots combo. The dart gun is mostly useful for attacking over the edge and preventing an item grab. R.Rabbid on the other hand is alot more solid then I thought. He has a solid AA, a very fast Neutral B, and has the most mobility outta the three Rabbids. I’d almost put him above N.Rabbid if it wasn’t for his wierd neutral aerial attack and his lack of projectiles. I’d say they’re almost tied for low tier. Casey Jones and S. Rabbid are almost tied for Bottom.

Casey is not THAT bad, it’s just that his fastest attacks have bad range and his long-range attacks are really slow, startup and/or recovery wise. he really has to get close to be effective. This is hard for Casey againist mid/long-range and agile characters (basically, every other character in the game) cause he lacks mobility. However he does have a couple moves to close the gap, like F-Smash A and up-back tilt B. Not very effective againist people who like to jump alot but it’s something. S.Rabbid is Casey’s easiest matchup cause S.Rabbid has to get into Casey’s effectiveness range to be just as effective, saving Casey the trouble of having to get in. The only move S.Rabbid has with good range is the dart gun, which is very risky. S.Rabbid’s only real advantage againist Casey is his fast moving speed and a higher jump. Other then that, the match is slighty toward Casey’s favor.

So this is my updated list:

Top: Karai > Mike

High: Leo > Foot Ninja > Raph > Fugitoid > Don

Mid: April > Nightwatcher > Ultrominator > Splinter > Shredder

Low: N. Rabbid > R. Rabbid

Bottom: Casey > S. Rabbid

Aside from Casey’s placement with the Rabbids, I also swapped places with Splinter and Ultrominator. It’s not so much of Splinter moving down, but Ultrominator moving up. The Trominator has more range and power then Splinter, and he reaps nice awards off the two via counter hit. Splinter is still solid, though. He beats Ultrominator air-to-air and unlike Ultrominator, his long-range attacks don’t involve his limbs(The only exception being Ultrominator’s machine gun, which is very avoidable).


any combo vids yet? i know this game is kinda awkward on combos but im sure something can be made.



Would anyone be up for a Smash-Up tournament or free for all sometime?


i would not mind to play this again since a site i use to go to smash up commutiny died…