Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up


You mean the Turtle Dojo? Heh, good riddance. The community was mostly made up of biased Brawl players who had little to no understanding of competitive fighting game mechanics. I remember when some of the members were bugging out about being vunerable to grabs during neutral and roll dodge. One member went as far to say that Neutral Dodge was useless because of this. I tried to explain why it makes perfect sense to punish an anticipated roll attempt on reaction, but it was useless. The noobs wanted a go-to option every time they got stuck in a corner. Then they complained about Grabs having too much range (which is false) and grab techs being ridiculously hard to do. Basically, the majority of the community were misinformed about the genuine flaws and alleged problems of the game because the only thing they played competitively was Brawl.


i do rember that… and i did a google search and it’s back. so yeah… anyway they only played on the dojo and turtle homebase stage and that’s all i rember about that i guess.


Glad to see the Turtle Dojo back. Now I can play this game against some decent players. I just hope no more ignorant Brawl players come in and bash the game’s mechanics.


True. One time we were mentioning stage bans and they wanted the most dynamic stages banned.

IMO, the only stage that should even be considered for a ban is the Cruise Ship. Reason being, you can basically keep throwing your opponent into shallow water at the end of either side of the whale for an easy no brains kill. Otherwise, no stages should be banned.


i can understand not banning stages but what about items? some are bit overpower in my opinion.


The only real over powered item is pizza. Otherwise, everything is fine.


this game is worse than adam lambert’s lifestyle


Only the Psycho Claws imo. They’re lethal in small stages, last for awhile, limit your mobility and do a lot of damage. Everything else is easily avoidable.