Teenager gunned down in front of his mom by 75 year old man


Another case of racial profiling?


fucking white people


Fucking crazy mother fuckers out there just gunning people down out of boredom.



This world…smh


So this old guy accused the kid of robbery. At the time of the robbery the kid was reportedly in school. wtf man


It will eventually surface that the old guy was walking away from the kid, the kid attacked him, and was in the process of beating his face into the ground when the old guy had no choice but to draw his gun and shoot him.

The old guy will proceed to obtain donations for his defense that he will use fraudulently and leave the state illegally. Meanwhile, people will obtain pictures of any black person (doesn’t matter what they look like) who happens to have the same name as the kid and look like a thug, therefore proving that the kid deserved to die.

Nancy Grace is already laying out her pentagram of salt and candles.


I wanted to come in here and joke, but I can’t. not right now. This just ain’t right.



Seriously what the fuck??? What the fuck is this???


No matter how immune you think you are when it comes to reading shit like this on the internet, it just gets worse every time


Why. Just why.


Judging by picture of the kid, the old man just altered the future of a of victim, there will be one less father less child in this world, and one less person in jail.


“Buffola man and woman have argument over best sex postion and end up severing his member”

The next day:
“73-year-old woman killed in front of her home as gang of teenagers swarm and ambush her.”

Ehhh… I think I’ll not stick around GD anymore. It’s no wonder I don’t read newspapers or watch 24h News Stations anymore.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s safe to leave my parent’s basement.


You think you’re safe there? Small non-poisonous spiders carry little switchblades for protection. Bigger non-poisonous spiders carry gravity guns. For science.

Anywho, in before “We all look alike”.


Oh no. Another Traybon Martin case. But worse.


i would not want to be apart of the 1 percent that go through shit like this!


I was mad when i read the title… then I saw Yadi’s Avi… now i dont remember why I’m here.


24 year old woman with a baby gunned down by three black teens over her tip money



Article doesn’t say how many assailants there were or how black they were.



lot of remorse in booking photos tho