Teenager taken to court for giving away a friend's VIRTUAL gold in RuneScape

Teenager dragged to court for giving away a friend’s VIRTUAL gold coins in an online fantasy game

Keiron Belmont, 19, logged into a friend's profile on RuneScape
He then gave away her stash of virtual money after pair had argued
Helen Jenkins -  who spent six years saving credits - then called police
Belmont was charged despite fantasy money having no real value

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2328922/Teenager-dragged-court-giving-away-friends-VIRTUAL-gold-coins-online-fantasy-game.html#ixzz2UM49ogMu

lol fagscape

This bullshit and I can’t even get my Wii back from my wife?

Fuck justice! :tdown:

Man I hope they don’t look into EVE, courts would be tied up in cases.

Punishment should be that neither of them gets to play the game again, under penalty of torture. AKA the “this is why we can’t have nice things” sentence.

In the hell is this shit?

Women can take you to court over play money? Oh yeah the legal system totally doesn’t show favoritism.

Pop-tarts and Runescape gold?

Niggas really be picking their battles in court nowadays. :coffee:

Speaking of 1st world problems

Bitch shouldn’t have gave him the access to her account in the first place.

Seriously, how hard and how many times you think the jury is gonna facepalm listening to this bullshit?

Well, on the plus side at least if you can take someone to court over shit like this, cases with collectable worth real money might be taken seriously too.

But seriously though, don’t set a computer you let others use to save your passwords, it’s just fucking dumb.

Finally I can sue my sister for saving over my Final Fantasy Tactics Advance file.

Those 200 hours gone still haunt me.

Um, couldn’t she of contacted a GM and said her account was hacked? guess Runescape doesn’t do that. Either way mmo gold is worth plenty in RL money now, so I disagree that fantasy money has no value (sadly)

i honestly expected this to be china or korea…is that wrong?

this is some embarrassing ass stuff right hurr. I love videogames but holy fuck I would lose my humanity it if some bitch took me to court over some dumb shit like this, shit would scar me life. I’d DDT that whore in the courtroom.

more like poonscape

Just another example of how bitchmade this generation is.
Remember when a man would just HIT the woman after they disagreed about something, and then to get back at him for years of abuse, she would wait until he fell asleep and would stab him in the anus with a pair of kitchen scissors?

Those were the good old days.

I actually laughed the hardest when that article referred to runescape as a “POPULAR online game.” The only people that play it are middle schoolers or people who can’t afford to renew their sub in their MMO of choice. It stopped being popular at about the same time as MySpace.

Wut i want to know is why a 19 year is playing Runescape. dafuck.

Is it a crime? From the word giving? Poor!