TEFightStands Suggestion Box:


Hey everyone,
I am Justin from TEFightStands.com. Looking for some feedback from the gaming community. Someone linked us to a thread where we had been mentioned and I started talking with some forum members and getting some good feedback. I am sending an open invitation to please give me any feedback you have about anything we do, The design of our stands, our paint designs, how I shouldn’t use Comic Sans on my website =) Anything you want to tell me I will listen. I feel some good changes have already been made and more are on the way.
Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

Also here is the latest project I just finished up for Bad Boy Brazil.




I can make the top like this
$150 unfinished
$250 primer/sanded to 400 grit paper
$350 for like a 2 color theme and just clear coated or
$500 wet sanded to 2500 grit paper, nufinish, then turtle waxed to a piano finish

The base can be ordered from IKEA for $40 it comes in red, black, or white
If you want the base customized (ie Plexi, Paint, etc.)I have an IKEA 30 mins away just let me know the color you want and I can pick it up and customize it for you.

The top comes with Inserts cut to fit the stick you use here is a picture of the TE insert before painting.


Also if you have a custom build you want to try and make. Send me an email I will work with you to try and make your dream stand/stick a reality. Here are some examples of some of the concept art I provide before I even start building.





Bat top vs ball top
Arcade Stick Stand

1.Use MDF its cheap+primer+good quality paint take you time buff to a nice gloss finish like a car

  1. Get ride of the square edges invest in a router and round those edges

  2. Dont have your hinges on the outside put them on the inside hidden

  3. cut down on the bulk the stands are huge this is not needed there are other methods to strengthen besides bulk

  4. leds are over kill (unless they are requested then do it)

6.Most players play seated research candy cabs stands are normally around 2ft tall



Please don’t copy but reference how kray does it.

Make sure you check out how he does his paint

He has a cnc router so its hard to match his quality for the price but you could try for something simpler


Spend some time on your website. It makes it hard to take you seriously.


The biggest turnoff for me has always been the paint jobs I’ve seen on these. The best looking stand on your site is the one with a single plain color in my opinion. It’s hard to justify this price when compared to Kray’s VLX stand.

I would look into creating a product that resembles more of an authentic arcade look, be it modern day arcade or retro style. Both Kray and Cigarbob’s stands are worth drawing some inspiration from.


I agree with all of the above


man i’m for innovation but damn son, that Akuma stand look like a christmas tree…


Make something that you can actually carry around to events/tournaments.


I would like to add that you have access to the largest market for stick stands. Kray’s stand is specially made for the VLX while the TE stick is far away the most popular in the community. Find a way to make something look pro and that fits in nicely with the TE stick, both models.

  1. Ill look into this thanks. This may be the medium a friend has been talking to me about.
  2. cant really use a router on the current medium, ill look into it with the MDF
  3. I hadn’t thought about putting them underneath the main reason they are the way they are is more of a utility, they hold the top at a good angle when opened for working on it.
  4. the size was mainly to add weight and stability without being so heavy it cant be moved. These are waaay smaller than the first models.
  5. each individual is unique in style aspect.
  6. These stands are one of a kind in the sence that they are adjustable… Sometimes i like to sit, sometimes i like to stand, Arcades when I was growing up had stand up arcade machines…

Thank you for your feedback,



make it an actual stick/dual stick…
ditch the bad paint jobs…the “character” ones are juvinille.


Would you guys make stands fitted for Qanba Q4 Sticks as well?


Why would you think it would be different?
both sticks are generally the same size
The stand is just a glorified table


Please go more in depth, what about my website makes it hard to take us seriously, keep in mind, i sell a stand for you to put a fight stick on and play a video game, i dont sell web pages or web design work =)


How much does this guy charge is something also to keep in mind. Anything close to what I have do that I priced out before i decided to try and market these was over $1000.00…

-painted kit $900 estimated shipping $300-$350 your looking at $1300 for this unpaited slim 1 player just the wood… thats alot of loot…
TEFightStand base 1 color and 2 te sticks under $500


I will look into them but at the same time their stands are double triple qua triple my price…

"The biggest turnoff for me has always been the paint jobs I’ve seen on these"
Can you give me a little more insight to this part of your post.What about the paint job do you not like?
or is it just the fact that its textured looking? The stands are smooth to the touch its just hard to tell from the photos,
I put multiple layers of clear coat on them to make sure you can run your hand across them without getting splinters etc


And whats wrong with that?
The stands are for decoration also… I like bright LEDs lighting up my dark game room…


In the begging that’s what this design was going to be, but without a machinist to make a design I have in my head out of a light weight metal it wont happen.
Right now they weigh just enough to be portable enough to move them around the house fairly easy, ie from one room to the next. But its too much to be dragging to a tournament, I dragged 2 Duo stands and casual setups around at CEO 2011 in that Florida heat it almost killed me…


"make it an actual stick/dual stick…"
What does this mean?

"ditch the bad paint jobs…"
Go more in depth on this please, what about the paint job is bad?

the “character” ones are juvinille"
Kids play these games also… how old were you the first time you went into an arcade? i was prolly 6…


The main difference is you are getting a CNC precision cut set w/ easy to assemble (ikea style) pieces and if you opt in for paint you are getting a extremely high quality job done that takes hours and hours of prep work and sanding to refine it down to a mirror finish before clear coat is even considered.

And that price is for a full sized cabinet. A stand is $500 painted + shipping.

Putting clear coat over a coat of paint doesn’t make the paint job nice. Putting squared pieces stacked upon one another isn’t clean looking.

To make a generic stand I could buy one $30 sheet of 3/4 MDF take 5 minutes of measurements, cut my straight lines, glue and screw and toss some paint on it with a clear coat gloss and have it done in a day including all prep and paint and I doubt it would be $50 out of pocket and look the same as yours.

To make something with style and actually have to bust out my router and ensure a quality paint job it would take days of prep and polish and that is what people are paying for.

Your adjustable height is a good idea though.

As far as website goes I’d recommend getting pictures of your product in larger view, up close etc and fix your format but otherwise who cares. It’s a niche market and people aren’t going to rage about websites once quality products are being made.