Teh official How to beat T.Hawk thread


Due to the constant abuse of this big bone character


I decided to make this thread (it’s time),↓ just for illustration purposes
Call in characters specialist on how to deal vs him
example : with cammy you want to hit c.mk a lot waiting for his jump to dp or c.hp



Counterpick, counterpick, counterpick.


Just ban him. The maybe 4 or 5 people in the entire country that can play him decently are a clear indicator that he’s way OP.

Don’t learn the matchup, just complain until your dreams come true.

**Ok that’s a little over the top, but it’s clear that only a handful of people have actually studied that match and know what NOT to do. When I play those people, I either get my ass handed to me or the matches go back and forth. Just watch Japanese match videos, 'cause hawk hasn’t been doing too well lately. Just copy those.


Pick Blanka. Mash throw. Counter his air shit with s.mp. Counter everything else with s.lk.
Most Hawk players suck. As said… Very few good Hawk players.


You spelled Papercut wrong soto. It came out as “T.Hawk” instead. You might want to edit that title.


Alrigh, let this for 2 days and im glad y’all know the match so well (when i spec matches they still lose) but who cares, i’ll take moocus advice and counter naa, i was thinking more like what ken or chun can do, i have play as honda so many times that match is not even fun and vega never and option for me, anyway there’s only 2 alpha t.cawk players and a 6-pack doing progress, when the pack start to catch up with the alphas ullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll remember this, i do like the dedication, but once the tech in on muscle memory IT’S ON.
And cawk players don’t get so cocky even chun get more hate not to mention rog n vega you just barely made it on the list, now let this thread marinate and get lost in the pages, but if i see any sort of hate out there i’ll be force to link teh official one.


I laughed good here


When I first saw this thread, I laughed my ass off at that Hawk video. I was amazed that it only had about 20 views, so I shared it with my friends. And it struck me that the audio would go perfectly with a certain ST match…
So I gave riz a call and the rest is history.

riz0ne presents



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. “i thought that bitch was DEAAAAD!”


Teh official How to beat Papercut thread

Dude, easy solution.





My only weakness. Oh my…


Turtleskin… hint hint


<djfrijoles@work> big homie
<DNGR S PAPERCUT> sup beans?
<djfrijoles@work> i didnt understand vestaxs post =(
<DNGR S PAPERCUT> beans: those things all cover your hands, so you can’t get papercuts


I’l play along too now that i understand



Chip damage.