Teh Yoshi Thread

Yeah…I’d figure I’d make this one since I’m like the ONLY person that uses the little green Dinosaur =/ Anyways a few notes before I do some in-depth shit…

-Egg Throw has even more control now
-Egg Roll has increased damage and knockback
-Egg Throw can be used as a ghetto third jump after you jump twice. IT WORKS!!!
-Ground Pound is still great although it doesn’t kill as much as it should. The stars that come out from his butt keep him safe from counterattack

-F+A is now a long reaching tail swipe that slightly launches

Thats all I can think of for now. Feel free to add moar stuff.

whoa! I never knew that:amazed:

Down B any better now?

Just out of curiosity, how?

It gives him a (Small) hop upwards. You just have to try it. I’m not sure if you can do this repeatedly though…

Egg Roll has very high priority and will clash against things like Samus’ Charge Shot and Falcon Punch, can be used without fear, except for falling off the edge.

Spring Hop has a startup hit on the ground version, lifts them up into the butt pound for a potential KO.

I might go more in depth later.

Arcadefire:** I also main as Yoshi, maybe we should compare styles soon, k? :wink:

yeah the one thing that they changed thats a con with the egg roll is that it no longer pops you up in the air. so you can’t really use it as a stage recovery as you could in melee. but i guess his up-B makes up for it somewhat. oh and by the way you can use his up-B repeatedly in the air, but after the first one it doesn’t help you get any higher, it only slows your descent.

Sounds good.

You can short hop is Dair and it does a nice combo. I think it does 13 hits and it racks up damage very quickly.

I got you covered.

scope dat shit.

I’ve never really played against any Yoshi’s

but that SH dair is MARVELOUS for Home run contest, lol.

I also main Yoshi. I have trouble with really fast characters and anyone with a sword. What strategys you guys use against guys like Fox,Marth,Link and such?

Great you asked this.

Although this is definitely an uphill battle with characters that totally out-prioritize you like Snake, Wolf, Pit, Pikachu, and Marth you do have some options.

-Reverse Bair A LOT!: This is his money move. Short Hopped Reverse Bair has a lot of interruptive priority and really messes up these guy’s offense. At worst it should trade if hits cleanly.

Not to mention it can setup into some really nice combos.

-Pivot Throw: Yoshi has an excellent Pivot Throw. Perfect for characters with disjointed hitboxes like Marth and Pit, who pretty much out-prioritize all of your attacks.

-Egg Throw: Use this annoy. Works well against, Marth and Snake but sucks against Pit and Wolf who can reflect and projectile spam more frequently than Yoshi can.

-Last but not least Egg Roll!: This move is perfect because it has awesome priority and totally destroys these character’s spam game. As long as Yoshi’s egg is imbued with the yellow aura and is moving pretty much no move in the game next to Marth/Ike’s Counter can touch him… That includes Charge Shot and Falcon Punch!

Great move to get breathing room.

Sadly, in a head to head confrontation these characters will literally EAT YOUR NORMALS, like you will see their attack just destroy yours, I’ve played against these guys long enough to know that by now.:sad:

I never knew about this. I always thought the egg roll sucked since people just countered me easy and I tend to roll off the stage :rofl:. I also thought the reverse B move wasn’t every effective also. I’m going to try to put these 2 moves in my gameplay.

I usually use the F-A(Tail move) against quick and sword characters. This move alone makes the fight a little easier. The attack is quick and has nice range. I like how it launches the character a little which can set up a combo.

In that regard the Egg Roll does suck, and it was worthless in Melee too, but in this game they realized a suicidal Egg Move needed something to make up for it.

Her F-Tilt is good because it has decent priority and is fast, problem is characters like Wolf can attack with their jab combo first if you don’t hit it with them beforehand. It’s a very useful poke overall, I also abuse it… and also his D-Tilt to a lesser extent.

D-Tilt is good because it always has high knockback even on low %s, perfect for making sure pressuring character gets off your back.

D-Tilt also hits slightly below the ledge, so they can’t edge hog once their invincibility wears off.

I don’t think Egg Roll is THAT bad of a move. It at least gives him an option of approaching characters that he can’t just chuck eggs at all day or his running headbutt.

Dair dragdown into footstool jump > anyone with poor recovery.

You can DJ cancel with Neutral B.

UpB gives a slight horizontal/vertical boost. It decreases with each use until your feet touch ground again. So ledge cancel eggs are much easier, just drop from the ledge and do UpB. It only works like this 4 times (5 if you’re quick) before you just drop.

Egg roll is ok. I wouldn’t use it much, but sometimes the speed catches people off guard. On startup it’s pretty good, but after that the priority seems to dissappear and anyone with a disjoined hitbox or high priority attack will eat right thru the egg.

Yoshi’s slide animation is really fast, so doing things like RAR(reverse aerial rush, dash at the opponent, then flick the stick in the opposite direction to have Yoshi slide, then you can jump towards the opponent with Bair) or sliding into Fsmash are very useful.

Uair is one of his best kill moves.

**I always play teh Yoshi…just saying.

**[COLOR=White]Shitting people out is too good and I love to spam the egg back and forth. His down stomp is really fast and of course his jumps are slick with placing it.

I wish they gave him the egg projectile system from his games though…that would have been brutal.

Listen to everything this guy just said.

Other stuff.

His N-air is pretty good, but not Melee good. Pretty safe to use to knock 'em away, little lag.

D-air has waaaay too much lag on landing to use on the way down (like I did in Melee all the time, L-cancelled) IMO. Not a fan. Same with his F-air. Just kinda makes me really sad.

As stated before, B-air is probably his best move.

As a whole, I really don’t like Yoshi now. The few things he had going for him (djc, some sickeningly safe moves thanks to spacing and L-cancelling, effing sick combos) in Melee are gone. I swear they set out to make him worse each game. That said, I’ll still play him. I love playing shitty characters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think he’s better than Melee. Different, yes, but definitely better IMO.

Bair is much more useful all around now with increased range, slightly better combo ability, and the fact that he can RAR now to use it as an approach.

Fair has no lag if you use it out of a shorthop. It also spikes mean.

It’s MUCH harder to kill Yoshi, thanks to the new physics, airdodge system and Eggs having a mini jump.

Eggroll is useful. Situational, but at least it’s not Melee’s useless eggroll.

He still can’t jump out of shield, but with unshield being faster overall it doesn’t hurt him as much as Melee IMO.

Dair dragdown into footstool to good!

The only things that really got worse for him are loss of WD, loss of CC, slightly less SA frames on his 2nd jump, no DJC, and Dsmash seems weaker. But all of these can be dealt with.

I meant that the Egg Roll sucks because it still killed you if you rolled off the stage. It has definitely been buffed (the priority while glowing will clash with prettymuch any move in the game) but not to the extent of Jigglypuff’s Rollout.

If you’ve played Jigglypuff you’d see the difference, if you roll off the stage you can still recover afterwards, it has more horizontal distance in the air, the power can kill at 80%!

Last but not least it can grab the ledge. If Yoshi had an Egg Roll like that he’d be MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better.

Yoshi is prime for making stupid mistakes. Eggroll is the number one cause of Yoshicide in my games. Stopping eggroll in midair puts you in guard break mode (or whatever the hell Smash people call it).