Teh Yoshi Thread

Why are people still talking about eggroll?

IMO the only real use for egg roll is approaching through projectile spam like waddle dees. It doesn’t do enough damage, nor give any sort of follow up to make it useful anywhere else really. Out of all of Yoshi’s moves, it is more or less the worst. Moving on…

Yoshi bomb got some nice upgrades, with both an active hitbox on the way up, and it also cancels out on slopes. The easiest place I’ve found to make this useful is on Melee Corneria, downB on the far right side of the stage and Yoshi will cancel it and ledgegrab. Also works with certain angles on Yoshi’s Island and some other stages.

Yoshi has definitely gotten better, it’s just that his feel has completely changed (which is actually why I’ve started to pick him up.) With CC and DJC gone and a nerfed dsmash, major chunks of his melee game have disappeared.

But his loss of djc his a somewhat good step. Rising aerials with the dj increase his potential for certain combos and open up new opportunities (rising uair stage spikes.) His new traction seems like a plus even without wavedashing. Dashing grabs and s-canceled grabs send him a very long distance now.

Yeah, his traction is nice. You actually get a short momentum based slide after some of his aerials. Most noticably Bair.

Also, you caqn turn around with Egg. Just use egg immediately after holding a direction to turn around. Very useful for stuff like Bair > turnaround egg.

Yoshi’s grabs are pretty slow on recovery. Dash grab does have great range, but ridiculous lag on whiff. His throws aren’t that great either. I usually sub Neutral B for grabs, since you can DJC with it, use it aerially, or dash~N+B. It also lags less than his grabs…Does decent damage if you can land a follow up attack, or you can wait for them to breakout~airdodge then punish.


It completley stops certain characters projectiles and attacks. Also…


Snake is Yoshi’s WORST match-up IMO. Snake’s disjoined tilts out-prioritize EVERYTHING you throw at him. Your Egg-Rolls can be stopped by his FUCKING NADES. That’s right, all he has to do is chuck a nade at you and your approach is canceld =/ Yoshi has like NO chance at getting in since Snake can just AA your ass with Up Smash or Up Tilt that kills you at like 90%

Bumping because I main the Yosh

Basic techs I use

B-air combos - Great approach and great for comboing

Soft tossed Eggs - Lightly tossed eggs can give you some space AND you can combo out of it since it takes a while to actually hit if you time/space it right.

Grabs - The slow, laggy standing grab makes shield-grabbing tough, but his dash grab is easier to use and pivot grab rules. Usually, I just chew a grabbed opponent instead of throwing, then run forward when they get out and grab them again. It works on some characters (floaty ones like ZSS and Kirby) and only if your opponent doesn’t expect it. The grab release still acts as a decent setup for other moves, though.

Yoshi Bomb Counter - Perfect for punishing an approach when used on the ground. It also hits on the way up so it can combo into itself if the opponent is too close.

D-air > Footstool Jump (off-stage) - D-air them toward the bottom of the stage then jump off their head to spike them downward. Easy as pie.

Tilts - F-tilt is good for combos and has pretty good range. D-tilt loses CC applications but set knockback and ability to do while crawling makes it a decent (but not great) approach move. Also useful to throw enemy off the stage and set up an edgeguard. Can also gimp kill on stages with walk-off edges (:rofl:). U-tilt combos into a lot of stuff and has great vertical range. Great anti-air.

Rising N-air/U-air - The N-air is good for edgeguarding out of a double jump as you steer yourself back to the ledge. Rising u-air can be used in a pretty neat combo (Jump > uair > DJ > u-air immediately > u-air again). Rising u-air can also chase an opponent to KO them off the top.

F-smash - KOs at 110%, making it his power move. Use it only for KOs. Yoshi rears back before launching, making his hitbox smaller, allowing him to dodge an attack and retaliate immediately.

U-smash - Combos pretty easily and can KO reliably. Yoshi rears back like f-smash.

D-smash - Range is amazing, knockback not so much. Still has a low trajectory but really can’t KO. Good for setting up edge-guard.

Egg Toss Recovery - Mix it up to avoid being predictable. Can be used four times to gain height, though only the first two are any useful since the height diminishes after each use in midair. It doesn’t reset until your fet touch the stage, meaning grabbing the ledge WILL NOT RESET IT. You can also use the Egg Hop to juke an opponent below you.

Egg Roll - I don’t use this…ever. Too easy to punish, you can still get grabbed out of it and egg suicides suck. Some powerful smashes can outprioritize it.

Egg Lay - I need to use this more. Easy to use an egg toss to hit opponent as they bust out. Can lead to gimp kills on rare occasion.

F-air - Great edgeguard if you can space it right. Spike is preferred but can kill off-stage even when not sweet-spotted.