Tek-innovation cases: wrist disconform/chafing


For those of you who have purchased a tek-innovations SB-1 case: How do you deal with the discomfort created by edges of the top panel?

I put together a Hitbox using one of those cases, and the edges dig into my wrists, which is very unpleasant. I could sand the edges to round them a bit, but I don’t think that will solve the issue. I think the basic problem is that the edges portrude.

Fighstick makers deal with this by creating a slope where the wrists rest.

I ended up not liking the hitbox design itself and, thus, I’m thinking about changing it into a noir-layout fightstick, buy purchasing different top pannels.
But, because of this chafing problem, I’m unsure about it, and might just endup selling the hitbox.


Never had that issue with my TEK case. Might be that the Hitbox layout is lower than the regular ones.


Surgical tubing in a color that matches.
Slice open and warp around the edge.


I can see this happening with a hitbox, you can get cheap rubber mousepads and wrap the edged with some cut pieces.


It’s acrylic right? If the edge is too sharp, gently round the edge with some sandpaper. I recommend a soft sanding block with some 600 grit sandpaper. Once it feels good, go to 1000 grit to get all the scratches out. after that you can rub out the scratches with some buffing compound. That’s what I do for all of mine.


Modified my hand posture (curled fingers–piano style with palm base just before edge) and all is well now. There’s not much of an issue with the joystick side at all, just the right hand with the buttons.

Surgical tubing sounds like an interesting idea. Only two issues:

  1. Wonder if it would bunch up/warp over time.
  2. Good luck finding it sold in less than 10-20’ lengths…


I lightly sanded mine rounding and softening the edges. I had same problem. Love it now