Tek-Innovation's Dust Washers?

I was always curious in what the difference was between his 31mm dust washer and his acrylic dust washer.

I wanted to get a clear colored one for my TE Stick.

31 mm washers are smaller outer diameter. In the TE if you move the dust washer all the way in one direction it will just barely cover the hole by about 2 mm. They are 1mm larger then the default balltop.

So the Acrylic Dust Washers would be the most closest size to the default TE one?

Everything not labeled “31mm” (Acrylic, Etched, Arrows, P&K, Custom, etc) are standard-sized dust washers, the same as the TE size.

The 31mm washers have a smaller diameter so they don’t extend as far past the hole. Personally, I prefer the 31mm ones if you have custom art, but to each their own.