Tek-innovavations plexi etching sizing help

hello guys. i’m thinking of buying art’s plexi tops for my chunli TE-s. i want to do custom etching of various gaming titles or anything FGC related such as EVO logo, capcom logo etc. now art’s option is +$12.00 for multiple small etchings. now my question is, on photoshop, how do i edit the etches, or how do i know that my edited images will be 5" x 5" on the real plexi? cuz 5" x 5" is cheaper.

Turn on rulers in photoshop, set them to inches. Use them to measure the size out.


Basically, everything that is in black will get etched to the deepest level. Grey will be etched more lightly, and white won’t be etched at all. Use this information while you design your cover.