Tekkaman Blade Match-Up Discussion: Match up #1 Ryu

Hey all fellow Blade players. I think its about to start devloping how Blade fits into the whole TvC meta game that is likely to flourish very soon. In the speculated Tier thread, it was said talking about Tiers is useless atm (I agree to that point), and instead it should focus on match-ups. Now obviously having one thread with everyones match ups just turns into flame wars between a bunch of noobs, good appraisal is ignored, and about 50 different discussions happen at once. So let the mains of a character focus on there own meta-game. I definetly believe Blade is more than a gimmick, and easily a Top 4 character with his large range, great cross up, good stats, awesome attack power, and being able to start a deadly combo by himself from just about anything and even from a good portion of the screen away. But time will show how that all unfolds, and hopefully this thread helps us

Match-Up #1: Ryu

Ryu is, at this point in history, Capcoms main mascot, and the mascot for Street Fighter as well as being in every single Vs. game. Ryu has a good assist, projectile, anti-air, lots of combo options, both ground and air, and is a beast in general. Of course, that was CGoH, and in UAS, thats not looking like it changed much at all.


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All right, Ill start the ball rolling here.

Going against Blade
-Ryu as a point character can create alot of damaging combos, as simple as his assist is.
-Hadoken can shut down Falchion easily
-Is very mobile, especially at the start of a match, he can be on top of you in a second
-Can do good-very good damage

Blade has
+Far superior range to Ryu
+Although Hadoken can shut down Falchion, he cant do it fast enough to make it useless
+A decently fast projectile that combat with Ryu’s Hadoken
+Our weird mobility can help get around his usual tricks

Both have
=About equal in strength at the most basic level of attacking
=A wide variety of options from both the ground and the air

From my limited match up experience with Ryu, Id say this likely is 55:45 in our favor, both sides have tools against the other, but Blade’s brutal cross-up and better range allows him an easier time of dealing damage to Ryu, as well I believe we are a tad more durable than Ryu, with far better supers. Ryu definetly wont ever be a cakewalk for Blade though, this is a pretty even match up atm Id say

Also, still figuring out this site, does it have IMG code at all

Both of us have Hypers with a very fast start-up that can easily punish virtually anything. However, ours is slightly stronger, doing 9958 damage, while Ryu’s does 8887 (8635 from full-screen). (Info gotten from this topic)

We also have slightly more health than Ryu does, 49.500, while Ryu has 48.000.

Just figured this’d count for something.

blade’s a baselard has faster start up than ryu’s a hadouken. plus blade can combo a baselard after it connects with crash intrude from the farthest end of the screen. blastor voltekka is good but id save up meters for crash intrude and mega crash as you might need them to escape ryu’s very damaging combos. also never underestimate ryu even if youre ownin him as 1 combo can cause some hefty damage and possibly be fatal if you dont have mega crash.

And if you get hit with a hadoken, and they don’t bbq or super cancel, you can actually crash intrude them from mid/close range. It’s pretty stupid, but funny. ESPECIALLY if it’s a mid air hadoken.

@ZeonTheUnborn that is funny.

Personally, I like this matchup for Blade, and I’m not sure what Ryu’s best strategy against Blade would be.

If Ryu rushes down, then he has to be careful: he can’t end a blockstring on a B or C or else Blade can just 236A+B him (definitely on pushblock, probably even without it?). If Blade has no meter, then rushing him down is probably the way to go.

If Ryu plays keep-away with fireballs and assists, then I think he’s largely safe from Blade’s damage and mixups, but he’ll keep giving Blade free Baroque (via blocked hadoukens), which will make Blade far more dangerous when he gets close.

ryu can’t play keep away with blade because a baselard is faster than a hadouken and will frustrate ryu when you keep hittin his assist.


Something big is on the horizon for you guys. I’ve been hard at work on it for months now, so expect it be up and running pretty soon. That’s all for now. Stay posted for updates… :wgrin: