Tekkaman Blade teams?

I have definitly made him my main, and i have gotten down some of the more difficult combos, now working on really good boroques and partner assist combos. I have been messing with ryu because he is a really solid character, and his fireball is good to through in a falchion and restart a ground combo.

I think maybe hurricane polymar would be good… but anyone else have more ideas?

I plan on maining either Chun-Li or Polimar, but I usually aim for 2 people I’m efficient with and can handle themselves alone rather than on 2 guys who perfectly complement each other but, as soon as one dies, the other has, smaller or bigger, flaws.

It will really depend on your play-style.

of course, to play a vs game and not be good with atleast 2 people would be rough. but as much as i like tekkamanblade, his assist is really only useful as an anti-air, so maybe someone with a poor anti-air game would be a good compliment both ways

Yo how does Karas or Morrigan fare for a teammate?

From that small dose I experienced Morrigan’s missiles into Crush Intrude (dash super) seems to make it safe but why burn meter for something that won’t hit anyway.

I’m new to this so I won’t give any justification other than the fact that I like those characters lol.

I play him and Yatterman1, they work well matchup wise in my opinion.

A good use of his assist is to crossup an opponent with a faster character while pressing P and more often then not it’ll hit and you can launch and follow from there.

Just to beat the idea to death a little more, Ryu is an amazing compliment to T. Blade. His assist gives coverage and safety to a lot of moves, comes out pretty quick, and Ryu as a character is really solid as well. Plus, T. Blade can help Ryu with his assist as well to extend his BnB ground combos.

has anyone tried Zero/Blade? Zero charges meter quickly which Blade can use for specials

Forget what I said about Blade and Zero, Blade/Ryu is the most broken team in this game! Try it out for yourselves, Ryu’s assist makes everything Blade does safe

The DHC from Ryu’s QCF+AB into Blade’s QCF+AB tacks on a lot of damage to the end of one of those nice long Ryu combos, too.

My team is Blade/Karas.

Blade is an ideal partner for Karas due to the fact that his assist sets up for unblockable loops, and he is a very powerful tag team partner for V-airs. He’s also able to hold his own in combat, which is important because the chances of Karas going down early are high.

I wouldn’t want to risk Blade with Karas since Karas isn’t what he used to be and dies off quite fast. Whenever I play Karas, I stick him with my other rushdown main, Ippatsuman.

Karas is still a very good character. There’s no reason not to use him even if he does die quickly. He has plenty of ways to make sure he doesn’t get hit.

Blade also has good defense so he makes a fine partner for Karas when you might need to switch out and heal. Karas unblockable loop into Blade’s Vair does a lot of damage right off the bat, and without the viar portion it quickly builds 2 bars.

I guess, but it takes way too much dedication to get Karas to a level where you can pull off great damaging combos while playing keep away. And Karas’ major consistency problem with hitting that one move after kasha + swipe.

All in all I’m way too lazy lol even though I tried once

I currently prefer Soki as a partner because Sokis lvl1 sword purification combines perfectly with all T. blades supers even his omnidirectional. The really compliment each other in that respect.

If T.Blade does 5a, 2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, 3c, JC, j.aa, j.bb, JC, j.2c, Katzbalger ©, lvl1 Voltekka, (Character Switch Super) Soki’s lvl1 sword purification, then after the super throws them upward Omnidirectional Voltekka. Does 40 billion or so for 5 bars.

The real point being that you can interchange quite easily between there supers.

On another note if ur playing as soki and get into a super situation (lolz alliteration) you can use a double super for 3 bars that sync perfectly.

I usually do 5a, 2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, 6c, 623a, 236abcp (Sword Purification and Voltekka) about 23 billion.
The great thing about this is it gives Soki a damge dealling lvl 3 instead of being stuck with just oni mode.

You can switch from sword purification to an omnidirectional voltekka for a good 4 bar slap in the face.

As far as assists ive been trying on with soki with a t. blade assist.
A 6c canceled by bc (does a second hit) into t.blades assist. i think you might be able to hit with a 3c but i haven’t quite been able to get it.

Personally I use Zero with him. Check out some vids of that team on youtube. You might like what you see.


Something big is on the horizon for you guys. I’ve been hard at work on it for months now, so expect it be up and running pretty soon. That’s all for now. Stay posted for updates… :wgrin: