Tekkaman UAS Thread: Combos, Strategies, Partners, Tek Lancers, oooohh!



Nice info man

I would like to use tekkaman in tvc uas so what are his bnbs?

Also I saw a match of him using a runaway style, is this the best way to play him??

how do you do the double ferris wheel combo in the air? cant quite seem to get it to work.

why is his assist considered top?

im considering using polymar tekkaman as a team what do you think?




5a, 5b, 5c, 3c, (jump and start holding down here) j.a j.a j.b, (2)8c, (2)8c

Run away style worked decently in the last game as long as you already had a lead built up. He’s not chipping or anything while he’s running away, so you have to pick your spots. His assist is top tier because it has long range and puts you in a long freefall, setting up all kinds of wacky shit.


I’ll just put this here; both tested on Ryu.


Was going to come in here and post this. I found this while messing around in training mode and it comes into play surprisingly often since people seem to forget at times that Tekkaman can hit low after his 5C.


Following the example of other threads, if you have a good combo, technique, or some tidbit of knowledge not posted, feel free to contribute (after I “complete” the OP with my own info). If there’s a better version of the combo you posted then I’ll use that and make note of it (you’ll still be credited).

jayson.boss: I feel the best way to play him is patiently. Even though he falls faster than other characters, has good dashes, and an amazing crossup, he still has a hard time hitting people with good defense. You mainly want to carefully place your air attacks, occasional Tek Wins/Lancers, and assist to help you create an opportunity. Once you get it you want to rack up as much damage as fast as possible, because chances are they know how much damage they’ll eat and will try to mega crash you. Keep creating opportunities like these so that they’re forced to keep wasting meter for mega crash instead of supers/counters and you can control the match.

Double windmill in the air is done by jumping after the first one ends, then immediately canceling the jump into the second one. You can only do one windmill per jump. It is also possible to do a 3rd one after baroque (since baroque gives you another jump), but it’s not very useful unless it will take out a character guaranteed.

Like said, his assist helps pretty much everyone extend their combos and is very flexible. It also controls a great amount of space from far.

I’m not so sure about Polimar, but it might be a good team. You’d have to just experiment, or wait for someone more savvy to comment.



Tekk combo’s in there (minus the baroque), also the funny corner combo.


I like to Vair into Tekkaman from Soki’s ground b&b. Super easy and it will ko almost anyone with baroque.


No one likes Tekky. :sad:

I added a corner variation to the standard bnb, and some giants combos.

Also changed the billion to “trillion.” Apparently that is not a decimal point, and is actually a comma (it’s so small). So something that looks like 30.525 billion is actually 30,525 thousand billion, or 30.5 trillion to make it simple. :wasted:

EDIT: Added some new info regarding his bnb. Some character specific stuff, as well as a way to combo into air Voltekka. Also added are all the currently know changes made to Tekkaman in UAS.


I have a really good combos, in a few hours i’ll put a video.


I don’t see why not. He’s easily the most epic person in the game! I main him and Casshern. Tekkaman is usually my front-man and pisses off everyone that I play :V … I wish that I had a good internet connection though


I’m having trouble replicating this combo. Maybe I’m just interpreting it incorrectly, but I don’t quote get how to combo the air vers of Voltekka in this. Halp?


After the launch you must delay the two sj.B moves a little bit, don’t do them immediately. You must also cancel the very end of Galaxy Windmill (around the last hit) quickly.


Here’s some vids. I think i did just the basic ones except for one or two.

Also have a 0 to death combo with just 10% BRQ , no assist, no meter, maybe by tomorrow i’ll add this one to my youtube channel.


Assist with Karas and other fun combos.
80 Hit with 46,773 BD

4 supers need along with 10% Baroque


Note: The combo doesn’t work on Ken and the small characters as far as I know.

And btw that [media=youtube]hhSmRp7I7YE"[/media] doesn’t connect. During the video you can see that the combo counter resets. Kinda Like in my video, instead of connecting it with a super you can launch em’ and connect an air combo, but tekkaman blinks which allows the opponent to block


Hey, HDL. Hadn’t noticed that you took the lead with Tekkaman this time. It looks like his popularity has decreased in favor of the new characters…

Everyone knows there are alot of Zero’s online. Most are bad, but Zero has such high priority in his normal attacks and can mount a safe offense so easily that it can be hard to get in on even some of the mediocre ones. So what tools does Tekkaman have to escape pressure and switch control back in his favor? I find myself turtling and just looking for a chance to superjump more often than I’d want.

Also I’m observing that the Level 3 super has some invulnerability somewhere in the pre-flash startup. It connects on over-eager Sokis while they’re poking at me, and it doesn’t always look like it should :wonder:


Tekkaman doesn’t have a fast or reliable AA move, so most of the time you just want to sit tight and react to the opponent and block correctly or throw tech. Look for small breaks during their block strings, and insert assist during them, sometimes using advance guard first. If the person likes to jump a lot, air throw them (one of the best options). You can also jump back with j.A or j.B and then jump cancel that and go for the ambiguous crossup, empty jump to throw, tick throw, etc. At the very least you’ll get a chance to turn the pressure back on them. And if there is enough time, you can even advance guard and use C ~ Tek Lancer. It often intercepts people abusing too much IAD, and leads to an easy Voltekka on reaction.

Regarding Zero, if you’re letting him get that close too often, you’re not zoning him well enough. Tekkaman isn’t a character you can just rush out of nowhere. All of his air moves control great amounts of space and can make it very hard to approach him when used right. All I can say here is study the Zero player and see what he likes to do often. All air moves can stop far IADs. j.A, j.B, and air throws stop them from up close. j.B stops people from above that want to stay out of j.A’s range. Galaxy Windmill will stop excessive use of C ~ Hienkyaku shenanigans.

Zero’s damage output is a big disadvantage here considering Tekkaman’s high HP, but with the right setups, Tekkaman only has to touch him once and it’s over if Zero doesn’t have 2 bars. It should be Zero running away from him, not the other way around.


I’m personally a fan of using Galaxy Windmills on the ground on opponents who like to use IADs and using baroque after that to follow into an air combo. In CGoH, I also used 2B to help control space but it’s something I haven’t been doing in UAS. I might try it out sometime and see how effective that is.


2 strategies I like to use w/ Tekkaman (forgive me if they’ve been mentioned before).

a) sj.B xx C galaxy windmill, mash C
-Naturally there’s the ‘sj.B xx C galaxy windmill, C galaxy windmill, mash C until you fall’ thing done in this vid [media=youtube]IqkLtdtdBcM[/media] but that tactic isn’t so hot anymore, at least I haven’t had much success with it that is. This’ll build you a bit of meter and you still have your second jump available meaning you can fall down on your opponent with j.C’s gargantuan hit-box and you can still air-dash around. I like to frustrate my opponent with this.

b) tk’d C galaxy windmill
-You’re in normal jump mode and still have a double jump, this allows you to call an assist at a height that normal jump doesn’t allow you to reach.


Also, even though you can’t tiger-knee his 236 super you can perform it at the peak of your normal jump. I’ve had some success using it in air-to-air scenarios. Bit gimmicky, but it’s actually pretty decent in my experience.


Okay, so this is fucking GOOD. I need to re-highlight it. I was experimenting with this against my friends and it works wonders when your being pursued in the air or when your chasing in the air. On top of this, it’s difficult to punish. Because he hit’s the ground he’s punishable almost exclusively by OTG moves, BUT he can start a tech roll on the floor AND call an assist on the floor, making the OTG window small. Some fast beam supers like Ryu’s or Frank’s, or Blade’s retardedly quick GI, might be able to punish Tekkaman before he hits the floor, but still, this shit’s godlike.

I’m assuming that they air-block it when I say it’s hard to punish, btw.

Edit 2:
So I took this to training mode again. Straight up, it’s hard to punish period, the mecha acts as a shield for so long and protects the space in front of Tekkaman only allowing Ryu to punish with shinku hadouken at a very precise window of opportunity after the laser beams up. Really, only certain level 3 supers can punish it and a few particular level 1 supers (like souki’s QCF super) and well-timed aerial supers.


[media=youtube]C64XbPYmuGo[/media] (Tekkaman w/Jun)

Inconsistent with getting the timing for the super cancel down after the air galaxy windmill but at least I’m doing it later rather than earlier so the opponent has to block it (when I was fist learning the combo canceled too early and it whiffed completely as the opponent dropped to the ground)