Tekkaman UAS Thread: Combos, Strategies, Partners, Tek Lancers, oooohh!



[media=youtube]C64XbPYmuGo[/media] (Tekkaman w/Jun)

Inconsistent with getting the timing for the super cancel down after the air galaxy windmill but at least I’m doing it later rather than earlier so the opponent has to block it (when I was fist learning the combo canceled too early and it whiffed completely as the opponent dropped to the ground)


Here is some interesting Tekkaman stuff



new tekka bnb that uses j2C like tekkaman blade (baroque and assist needed):

whatever into air [2]8C, dj2C land bbq 5A assist 5BC 3C sjBB air [2]8C (air [2]8C for damage) or (djC for knockdown/oki)

full combo from jC does 42k. gonna upload vid tomorrow (along with the long overdue ken stuff)


I’ve been playing Soki/Tekkaman and have been looking for uses for Soki’s assist with Tekka. A few interesting things so far.

First, Soki’s assist easily combos into both 623 Super and Lvl3. Simple combo with something like A, B, C, call assist, 6C, assist hits, super. That’s about 30 trill on its own and could easily be extended for more.

Second, changing the timing of the assist can make some interesting things happen. Depending on when you call Soki the opponent will be sent in different directions. Calling him a little later will cause the opponent to be knocked back towards Tekka to continue the combo. I think this could lead to some big damage but have had trouble landing much out of it, so I’ll keep working on it and see what I can get.




BBQ cancelled Tekk Windmill: best combo lead-in ever!!


hey all!

i have been playing tekkaman for 3 months and really the videos in gameacho youtube channel are real material to learn.
i discored that in the corner you can make an infinite (i dunno if this is already posted ) but if you sj.A, 5A, 5B,2B,5C,6C and after the ist hit you do the repetitive A’s the infinite is done.
(my english is really bad, but…)


that juggle infiinte doesn’t work in UAS anymore