Tekken 1-3, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur tiers?

Was just wondering this, were these game balanced at all? What were the tiers for them? Or were they overall fairly balanced?

Stupid thread I know but whatever, I’m bored.

Wouldn’t it be better to ask at tz.com or any other namco fighting game site?

I don’t post at those places. =/ I’m not too much of a Namco player. I was just curious.

Im not sure about most of those. All im for sure of is Orge was top tier in T3 really the best character in the game.

I think Soul Edge was like:

Broke: Soul Edge (final boss, duh)
Top: Cervantes
Mid: All Other Males
Low: Females

This was in 2003 when I talked with an SC2 player about Soul Edge. I don’t remember much of details from that, expect Soul Edge was a crappy game.

For SC1, guardimpact.com had the ranking project WCMaxi did, but now GI.com has disappeared. All I remember was Taki was top, Mina was bottom, the rest were all pretty darn good.

Tekken 2: I think Kazuya and Heichachi would be top.

I think for T2 Devil was top as well.

T1/2 Heihachi and Kazuya were top, everybody else didn’yt matter much.
T3 1.Heihachi/Jin
3.everbody else was pretty even
Soul Calibur 1.Cervantes
2.Not too sure on anybody else

Funny, I enjoyed it more than Soul Calibur or Soul Calibur 2.

Top - Cervantes, Taki
I would say Cervantes was top but Taki Posession game was too much for Sc1. If Taki had in SC1 what she has in SC2 then it wouldnt even be a reason to play lol.

Middle - everybody else

Bottom - Seung Mina (ass 8way run and one sided tracking)

SC2 Mina on the other hand. . she plays like a whole new person.

T1-you mean a.king was top and everyone else didnt matter
T3-ogre, jin, ling

I never figured Jin was up there in T3, he was good but he couldn’t compare to some of the crazy shit Law could do with his retarded punch parry.

And Yoshi was on top in T2. In fact it’s the only game where he was anywhere near the best.

Jin wasnt top tier in T3, thats a rumor that people just seem to want to believe.

Ogre, Law and Hei is usually the concensous.

In SC1, wasn’t Maxi considered the best or near best?

^ Not even close

So what characters were top tournament winners in SC1?

I know that in SC2 Nightmare wasn’t considered top on paper, but would blast tourneys.

Maxi didn’t completely suck in SC1 did he?

All the old T3 Korean vids were Jin and Ogre players, Jin was up there.

Man, isn’t Cervantes top tier in every Soul game? It seems inten tional. Also, the Mishimas always seem to get high tiers (when was Heihachi low tier or not high tier besides PS2 SC2?). The tiers seem obvious in these games (Cervy gets a top spot in a Soul game, while you always see a Mishima on top in the old Tekkens).

That’s like saying Jin and Hwoarang are top in T5 because there’s so many vids of them.:confused:

I remember when Hwang was found in Soul Edge, made Mitsurugi obsolete. IIRC, Hwang was the best non-Cervantes male in SE, and was like, top 7 or so in SC1.

T1, Armor King broke the game.

T2, IIRC it was Devil, then Kaz/Hei, then random male. =/

T3, Ogre > Hei = Law >>> Jin > Everyone else > Kuma/Gun Jack. It’s sad that Gun Jack and Kuma are the only ones that can’t escape Hei/Jin/Ogre Unblockable tech traps(launch, juggle, UB).

Isn’t this still the same in T5? :rofl: