Tekken 3 cab for $350, good deal?

A guy I know is selling it for $350, don’t really know if its a good deal or not. I google’d and saw it going for as much as $900 on sites like Ebay (without shipping). Should I go for it? He also has a Capcom vs SNK 2 Cab for $700 and a Street Fighter C.E for $750 but I dont really know much about cabs so dont know if these are at a great price.

It really depends on what shape the cab is in. You will probably get more help with this question in Tech Talk.

CE for $750 is not a good deal at all, unless it is a full-size, mint condition cab.

Yeah I thought $750 was too much, thanks I think I’ll do that then.
Cabinet doesnt look too bad, some wear around the edges of the control panel but everything else looks fine as far as I can tell.