Tekken 3 cab for $350, good deal?

A guy I know is selling it for $350, don’t really know if its a good deal or not. I google’d and saw it going for as much as $900 on sites like Ebay (without shipping). Should I go for it? He also has a Capcom vs SNK 2 Cab for $700 but I dont really know much about cabs so dont know if these are at a good price.

Cabinet doesnt look too bad, some wear around the edges of the control panel but everything else looks fine as far as I can tell.

350 for a Tekken 3 cab is a great deal, I seen non-working cabs with no functional parts just a empty old shell go for almost that much before

Really? Hmm well I’ll see how it goes when I go try it out tomorrow

Well, here is hoping you Motherboard and monitor is at least good. If the stick and buttons are bad, thats cool, they are easy to replace. Even if its a fix-it-upper, as long as it works your in the gold. From the pic it looks like you can use the benefit of some paint maybe some new t molding, and depending how you feel some Decal art and a top panel insert but that is all on you.

Yeah as long as its working I’m good, replacing the stick/buttons and painting should be easy for me. As far as I could tell monitor was in good condition, As for the decal art and top panel insert I tried searching on google for some but haven’t found any as of yet :frowning:

Am i the only one that thinks this is a modded KI cab? With missing art? I don’t remember Tek 3 cab’s having those red stripes, it was all black? Or a tekken 2 cab modded with tekken 3? Cause i’m pretty sure tek 2 was the only tekken cab with that red?

But I’m very unfamiliar with tekken cab’s just going off what, Ive seen locally.


Thes guys might have it, http://www.classicarcadegrafix.com/sunshop/index.php/action/category/start/110/id/9/

Definitely not a dedicated TEKKEN cab. Looks like it might be an old Mortal Kombat cabinet.

Ahh I see I didnt know since I’ve seen alot of em around here just like the one I posted :frowning: Still thinking about getting it either way and adding the decals and what not. Thanks

Yeah I can see now, so no good?

Its not that the cab no good, having a cab changed from one game to another is surprisingly quite common in the arcade industry.

It is cheaper for the arcade owner to order a conversion kit for an existing cab that losing interest than to order a completely new machine when the game comes out.

It is a big reason why the SNK Neo Geo MVS machines were so popular for a long time, the arcade owner can swap out games from the cab with out modifications, just swap 1 art card and cartridge.

Example there is many Donkey Kong cabs that got converted to a Nintendo VS cabs (Nintendo VS cab is a arcade version of the NES hardware, and all its games are arcade versions of NES games).

I still remember going to a Mortal Kombat 3 Cab, was a Street Fighter II cab with the Street Fighter 2 Panel and side art still on the cab. Just the Marquee, cardboard monitor bezel and game inside had change.

So if you want a 100% authentic Tekken Cab, this is not it. From what others say, its a Tekken board inside what could me a MK cab. But if you want a affordable cab with Tekken 3 inside that is fairly good condition, I would till go for it if I had the space for it at home.

Yeah I think I’ll just go for it, I’ve NEVER seen an authentic Tekken 3 cab around here so it doesn’t really matter to me. Thanks everyone!

I pick it up for that price, pending the monitor, its probably best to learn a lot about these before you dive right in (i mean buy it and then learn) I have a couple cabs and monitors are the only thing I dont really work on. I have friends that do it for me haha. Thats an mk2 cabinet, side art is probably under there as well. I got mine painted black and stripped the sides with citristrip, worked amazing.

So yea, great price, id pick it up, 25inch monitor, and big control panel for space. my dynamo is crowded for 2 players. and wish I had another midway cabinet

If you’re a huge fan of Tekken 3 then yeah i would say pick it up…If you’re in no rush you can probably get it cheaper somewhere else…