Tekken 3....


So I was roaming around campus just now and I stopped by the game room, a place i’ve never been to in the past 3 years…

They had a nice cabinet with Tekken 3 in it… But the cabinet itself was nice. P360’s, competition buttons, big cabinet style… whatever…

anyways… i was doing some basic combos that i do in Tekken tag… i was law…

B+121, U/F+34 (i think…, it’s the three hit punch launcher, jump kick to back flip kick)

it did about 75% damage… i haven’t played tekken 3 in YEARS, but last i checked, it didn’t do nearly that much damage… is it just me, or is that a bit high? I didn’t remember that combo being that high in tekken tag…


that seems like the damage whats turned up… A LOT.


ok… i thought it was funny that cpu jin killed me with 2 3-hit combos… lol


WTF? Someone was high when they modified the damage settings.


Well, it IS New York…


wtf? i go to school in pennsylvania, and if you ever diss new york again, i’ll fucking kill you. do you know who i am? I am NOT the juggernaut bitch, BUT I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER


are u kidding?:wonder:


I’ve never been to NY, how can I diss on it? Shit, I listen to hip-hop man. You know how much good hip-hop has come out of that city over the years? No way I can hate on it.

But beside that, BRING IT BITCH!

You goin to school in Penn? Hmm.


actually, i am joking. :tup:


Hey, I remember this guy. He posted in my ‘avatar’ thread. That was like last summer.

Oh shit, am I off topic all of a sudden?


Funny that you say this, because I go to school in PA and they have Tekken 3 where I go to school.


what school?


Delaware County Community College.


east stroudsburg university for me.


Bummer, I could see a long term relationship budding there.

Too bad…


Haha…I’m pretty sure he was wished death on me more than once.


speaking of avatars mine is a little old…:sweat: :sad:


T3 arcade mode life setting were almost universally high back in the day. I think some Ops had it to -1. Pop in T5 and play T3, fiddle with the life settings until you can do about 45% with a clean hit CH deathfist.


That’s how he shows affection. :wgrin:

Yeah, it is. Go request one.


hmm so kings multi throw is useless in this version…