Tekken 4 and tekken tag


is korea coming i wanna rematch with their champ noone in the us matters bunch of scrubs anyway :slight_smile: cmon atlanta i aint scared


Yeah man you’re gonna win it :bluu: :lame:


tag is mine :mad:


I’m going to tell the top ATL players like JOP, clint, Bane, and the rest of the ATL tekken crew about EVL2k3 having TTT, T4, and SC2. My money is on the ATL, but I know cali and Korea are good in those games also. I might be bias since i’m from the ATL.:rolleyes: :wink: :cool:



ask korea bout the us soldier that played in their world tournie two times staright and made top three :slight_smile: t4 and tag r mine i’ll even [play atl first round :slight_smile:


Hey Bacardi where are you located I wanna play but don’t think I’m gonna make it to EVO. If your anywhere near Tallahassee then I’d probably be willing to make a trip.



their ‘world tournie’? what world do they live in? i thought it was the same as ours but i guess not.

just about every major korean national the top 10 or so players have all been korean mishima players with the exception of su won.

so unless you have confused korean world tournaments with some random city with only 1 arcade weekly then that seems highly unlikely



Nice call Som! So true… I never knew Korea had world tournies with nobody else included!

Mahn… it’d be tight if Jang Ik Su came for TTT… I finally saw a vid of this guy and he fuggin’ CRAZY!!!



umm no

no i aint confused i use to live in korea and no that statement you said is not true as i will be more than happy to win tekken tag at evo if korea doesnt show up take your money and your friends btw tekken zaibatsu sucks they all talk shit that they play but never show for tournies so blah and it would be the 2000 and 2001 korea tournies thats when i was stationed there its ok i understand your jealous


yeah, jealous of someone that probly lives in the middl eof nowhere and plays mall scrubs. if you are so good in tekken tag, you could have gone to tournaments over the past year and made over 5000 easy. but you didn’t. why?

jealous? yep, sure am…


Are you staying in atlanta right now? If you are, i would be more than happy to see if you can back up your talk.


someone told me tag will be played on console is this true


Damn… JOP’s hella challengin’ tha star wars fanboy.

You say people in the US don’t get out to tourneys, but like Som said, where have you been then? And why haven’t you gotten out to all these tourneys that nobody else has gone to? Why the fuck haven’t we even heard of your name before if you’re so good?

Simpy put, wtf?



hahaha hey guys ya’ll are in some serious shit cuz I just beat Tekken 4 on Ultra Hard, i’ve now mastered TEkKen, Hell I can wavedash 2 cd’s a second. I’m ready for EVO2k3, phear me.

a loser is yuo.



the only reason i was in korea was cuz i was in the army and i couldnt go to alot of tourneys cuz i had to request leave which they were not approving for videogame tournaments and hey jop didnt i see u at fr6 andi told u then u wouldnt beat me u guys had 2 days to get tekken 4 and noone did so blah but i’ll be down there in june or u can wait till evo


Oh shit, there’s one of the many ATL “KILLERS” in Tekken. I never seen walter aka “Bacardi_J3d1” play tekken, but I here good thing about his skills and I know if he was stationed in Korea he brought some of those skills back with him. He was here for FR6 and he wanted to play tekken for money. It was my fault because I didn’t bring an extra T4 or TTT for the PS2’s we had at FR6. I’m going to tell the rest of the ATL peeps about EVL2k3, but they are play soo much HALO now who knows if they are rusty or not. I still got my money on either, you, Anthony, Clint to take 1st all of the namco games. I can only go on who I have seen play and I know ya’ll run shit on the east coast from what I have seen.:cool:


Me ,honkey#1 ,Nash and some of the other ohio people are planning on going


tw. all of ohio is going. this issue is non-negotiable.

columbus and cleveland will unite like voltron.


Will tekken tag be on console?.. Someone told me this yesterday and I was wondering



Well i guess just let me know when you come in around june.

Post, email, pm whatever. Which game do you want to play anyway? tag or 4

and airic i believe tag will be console