Tekken 4: Steve Fox thread


Waszup. I am an avid Steve Fox player in Tekken 4, but I am still a newbie to the tekken scene :frowning: got any strategies?



there, that’s steve in a nutshell


No, that’s not all there is to Steve. There’s also SS+1,2,1.


WTF??? this is capcom not tekken
go to tekkenzaibatsu.com or however u spell it.


Heres a tip,

Use Steve’s punches.


I love to tick people of with Steve’s kicks and step-on-you maneuvers.

Marduk is a better character anyways, use Marduk, heck he was named after a demon.


There’s two thing wrong with this:

  1. This isn’t tekkenzaibatsu
  2. This isn’t the Strat’s and tactics board.


There you go thats all the strategy you need right there.


Only Newbs play Tekken4 and CvSnk2!

Only Newbs play Tekken4 and CvS2

I suggest a VF4 injection followed by a Kof2002 booster shot to gain u true skills


Only Newbs play Tekken4 and CvSnk2!

Um no lots of people play CvS2 not just newbs.


Someone looks like they might become the latest victim if they aren’t careful. I’ve seen some of your posts - you might want to watch the spammy.


I love srken.com better than a Akumachan flavoured lollipop.

Stop living in denial guys!

Here it is in simple math…

Tekken4 + CvSnk2 = newbie Amercian skill

VF4 +Kingofighters2002=expert world skill

Face it you guys just play mainstream stuff betcha watched dubbed anime as well.You need an SNK injection!

tut tut tut :smiley:


There are two things that you should recognize:

  1. This is Fighting Game Discussion, look at the Forum title where it says something along the lines of “Discuss any Capcom, SNK, NAMCO games”.
  2. He would have been eaten alive, especially by Geekboy, for posting this in the S & T board and this is still in regards to fighting games, isn’t it?

Yojimbo, I bet you’re one of those white Japanese wannabes that absorbs everything about Japanese culture except the COMMON SENSE. Lame. Plus, CvS2 = Japanese RC newbie skill so shut the fuck up.


if you actually believe cvs2 is a newbie game then you do have serious problems


lolol CvS2 newbie game.

I do play VF4, but I live in england, so it is quite to get KoF, let alone find some decent comp. I do have KoF97, which is not very good anyway :frowning:

Obviously there is no one that plays tekken on this board.


actually, no i am perfectly serious about steve being that singleminded. tekken 4 is a waste of development time. SC2, though slightly broken, is what most of the serious tekken players have started playing in lieu of this horseshit we call tekken 4.

and steve at the baisc level is all about his 1,2,1 (left punch, right punch, left punch) string and its followups (not 2, or d+2, but like the limited mindgames you can play)


I play T4 pretty seriously and Ryu is correct, Steve is all about 1,2,1 and SS+1,2,1. Owns pretty much everyone (especially Jin).


i don’t know anything about tekken so would someone explain what 1,2,1 does thats so special?



makes ya wish people would read more :smiley:

anyhow, T4 imo aint that bad a game, its better than alot of others out there. why do people hate it so much? cause its not tag? it has walls? less chars? or is scrub friendly christie and fox players pissing you all off? :smiley:

Marduk is the best!!!


I love T4, but in response to your question I believe a lot of hate stems from the game’s obvious imbalance (primarily Jin/Paul/Steve being completely alone in the top tier). However, those who hate T4 should also hate TTT as EWGF owned that game for free. CvS2 and MvC2 aren’t exactly the most balanced game either, that fact has just been compensated by handing players 32989258 different characters are not nearly as intricate as any of the T4 characters. At a tournament how often do you see Vice/Kyosuke/other low tier teams? And how often do you see xx/Blanka/Sagat teams? Nuff’ said. The fact that there are fewer characters in T4 gave Namco an excuse to give each character way more options than any Capcom character could ever imagine. People are using “lower tier” characters relatively successfully (Tietyt + Marduk comes to mind) and it makes for that much better of a game.