Tekken 4 teirs

Im fairly new to the game and i was wondering who the top teirs are in this game.

from what i recall jins god tier, and i think lee is top tier…not a tekken expert but i know jins at the top.

Super Top Tier: Jin
Top: Heihachi
Upper Mid: Nina and Bryan

Than everyone else is mid tier.

Also note Jin is not as god like as he used to be. People have found ways around him. I would like to mention Ling is really good character to pick up cause she is anti Jin and most people will play Jin all day long in tournaments. Also Ling is good to pick up cause not many people know how to fight her (due to a lack of ling players).

Nobody cares about tiers

Steve is also considered top tier

Apprantly Steve is an anti Jin character too

He used to be top tier but due to lack of Damage he is not anymore. He can be anti Jin if used right due to his punch parry.

There is no need for Kromo to say nobody cares about the tiers. Apparently somebody does if the thread was made.

Top Tier: Jin, Steve, Lee

According to the Koreans, Jin beats Lee and Steve, Steve beats Lee and Jin, and Lee beats Steve and Jin. Get it? Good, cause I don’t. Jin is definitely top, with Steve and Lee being there or close behind.

In the hands of a skilled player, Nina and Ling are also very good. However, you’ve got to know what you’re doing while with Jin/Steve/Lee you can still be pretty solid without having much of an idea of what you’re doing. Kazuya gets a lot of play in Korea while Heihachi gets a good bit of play in Japan.

what about combot. wouldnt he be the ultimate teir then. I know nothing about him but he can be any character. if u know how to use most of the characters. You can easily play be weakness and advantages. I think he is the ultimate teir.

Tekken 4 tiers

Theoretically, i don’t believe that combot should be placed in a tier due to the fact that he can be any tier. his tier would probably be a variable x. There is no guarantee. Jin, however, has a guaranteed top tier due to the fact that, well, he’s always jin, and not a random ling xiaoyu. ok about jin, i know he got SERIOUSLY nerfed. I mean, “forgetting” mishima karate=nerf. at least he retained his laser cannon/scraper/whatever the other one was with the gay unblockable scrape, that is one hell of a combo starter… but at the same time very vulnerable. I can’t believe tekken 4 is playing on consoles for evo, cuz then i would’ve gone-- i’ve seen those videos on forgo— terrible. well can’t make it to evo this year… i would’ve if i woke up at 8 in the morning and drove to pomona, but ahhh what the hell. next year.

Jin forgetting Mishima Karate = nerf? Wtf?

If he hits you with his JFLS, you’ve lost 50% of your life. You do anything that gives him the chance to randomly throw it out, you die.

2,1 = mad abuseable.

Jin puts you against the wall, you die.

Jin’s only disadvantage is that he’s stuck being just priority and damage. He doesn’t have many tricks he can throw out to catch people off guard. It’s just waiting for your opponent to make a mistake before you nail them shut.

Watch some of the vids from TiT5 or last year’s Electric Cancel (which merged with Evo this year).


ah jin is nerfed in that he was the GOD of tekken, and now he is just a king. back 2, 2, 1, 2 = ohhhh yeah. I’ve also seen a lotta julias, either with ttt or t4… what gives? i mean i’ve seen those INSANE combos.