Tekken 4


Ok is dope as it is. For me this is the most underrated game of the series. Here inmy boredom im replaying it, and remembering the interest things that Tekken 4 has, like the stage playing important part in juggle timing (you know if you’re at the top of an stairs and juggle your rival who is lower, then the timing wpuld change), doesn’t have that “juggle mess” that is T6, just enough chars to make it interesting. Really takes more skills in 4 to get good, since 5 the game became a little more friendly.

I really like what namco tried to do with 4, it has a particular feeling that I enjoy. Still playing it with my brother right now lol.

Despite some broken shit, i think this game is one of the best tekken, and the most underrated one. what do you think of tekken 4?, Would you play it again today?


Slanted floors and environment based combos literally killed this game. You called it interesting, I’m sure most people found it annoying. I’ll admit it still had the classic Tekken appeal, but one of the best? I don’t think so.


I say interesting in a way that seemed more realistic, but i understand that could be annoying, gameplay wise.I Like it anyways, some of my friends like it, others not really. But the truth is that Tekken 4 IMO requires more skill to dominate the game than the others.


No, it doesn’t. Not even a little bit.

Someone who’d been playing King since T2 could lose to a person new to the series that only played Jin for 3 weeks. JFLS made Jin broken, and boring. Unless you picked Nina, Steve, or Xiaoyu, fighting Jin was completely unfair. TTT Jin was also a monster, but it was easier to beat him with TTT King than it was to beat T4 Jin with T4 King. Nina’s 1+4 was a very cheap move, but doing her Hayashida cancels actually took some skill. Same with Lee’s Acid Rain.

The slopes didn’t work. Itagaki was right when he called out the T4 programmers. The slope dynamic in DOA2-3 is easy and intuitive. In T4 it’s confusing. Lots of chaotic and unpredictable things can happen on slopes in T4. Stages were visually impressive though, and the music was memorable. Wall push was an interesting idea, but not well thought-out. Wall infinites aren’t exactly practical, but some of them do look nice, even if they need some specific conditions to set up.

Backdash was toned down…understandably, but it was overkill. Sidestepping was toned down too much. Which seems to be happening every Tekken sequel.

I liked the addition of Steve and Craig, even though Craig sucked in that game. I didn’t think move steal Yoshimitsu was so bad, but his old flash is more practical. probably should have given him the option to do both. Combot sucked since he didn’t change styles between rounds. Overall the cast was way too small.

Replay feature and Force mode were nice.

But the new found lack of backdashing and power given to 8 framers made the game and in your face brawl fest, which made it impossible for 10 framers to compete, other than Heihachi and Broken Jin. Even without JFLS that was a problem.

T4 isn’t a bad game. In fact it’s a great game. It’s just that when you compare it to T3, TTT, and T5DR…it starts to look less and less impressive. As a fighting game it’s great, but as a Tekken game, it’s barely average.


jin was broken lol. But it is one of my fav’s in the series, it’s where i picked up lei, and played around with lee. ?I was iffy about jin’s kazama karate at first, but I’m used to it now.


It’s still my favourite Tekken along with first Tag. It was just horribly balanced. All it needed was some update version like 5 and 6…


The gameplay/balance issues were abundant in this game, but it had the best story mode in the series. To this day no Tekken game has handled their storyline better.

Also had an amazing soundtrack, just saying.

I must also admit nostalgia since this was my first Tekken game. Though in all fairness I remember how hyped I was waiting for 5 to release and so on…lol (and gameplay-wise I’m NOT a fan of 6)


I liked Tekken3.



Understandable. It did start the way Tekken plays today, and is a fun game that to me still holds up today.


Tekken 4 is pretty much my favorite.

The older players were probably mainly whining because it changed. Fighting game change= ANGRY GAMERS FROTHING AT THE CAPS LOCKED MOUTH.

Eh I don’t like juggles as much. I like them but not when they start dominating everything. I had a lot of fun with TK 4, it was sort of my “introduction” to Tekken since It was the first one I had at home. I didn’t own a ps1. Didn’t know about fighting game tournaments and such for a long time either.

Tekken 4 just feels more realistic overall to me too- better block pressure that won’t kill you for one thing. And it has dat awesome Jin! The storyline is great and it really fleshed out the characters. I have VIVID memories of the story mode and how I legitmately cared about the characters. Steve’s ending is particularly awesome.

My dad even played the game then. I remember him doing Steve’s infinite on me. I miss that- playing vs dad and actually having human tekken opponents in general that aren’t some online herpaderps. It was fun. He spammed his unblockable though. Combined with dodging and pressure, that was some annoying stuff.
My dad still likes Tekken- no fireballs, he really likes steve, moves aren’t hard- but he’s a working businessman.

I’m playing 6 on ps3 and trying to learn the new system and admittedly nerfed Jin (but much better than Tekken 5) as well as characters like Law (my "other main) and maybe Steve on a competitive level.

I kind of like that they tried something new with 4 though. I like 5 and played it in the arcade (by myself most of the time) … 6 is kinda overboard on the combos even if they are kinda cool. It has that MAAHVEL 3 feel with the combos to me. 1 mistake = dead.


Tekken 4 is the fifth installment in the Tekken series…i liked it because Tekken 4 introduced significant new gameplay changes from the previous games in the series[media=youtube]H6D-dcv1EMM[/media]