Tekken 5.0 question

what is steve’s 100%? i can’t find that shit ANYWHERE anymore, cuz everybody’s just talking about 5.1 and DR if they have it.

I can’t seem to find it either, the best I could find was

But I’ll try and get back to this if I can find it.

If I remember right, its something like 3~1,1 over and over but it has to be from the side. Something like that. It involves 3~1,1 though.

im not a steve player so never bothered to learn… buuut basically sidestep a lot, and bust out with 3, 11 while holding the three, sidestep again, another 3,11 hold and then 1,2,1,2, etc. etc. etc.

i think thats right… buuuut double check on zaibatsu. Go to the tekken 5.0 character specific forum over there (where all the icons for every character = jin). Some of the old threads there will cover it for sure and probably list setups or something

ite thanks ppl… this dude has a money match with me in tekken 5 this wednesday… and JUST in case he starts to be good, i wanted something to fall back on… this is PS2 btw, so yeah, that’s why i’m asking

btw, on a semi side note

anybody know if DR is coming on PS2?

it would be pretty retarded if it did not come out on ps2. its coming out for psp guaranteed if you dont already know.

oh and if you want a cheap/easy character other than steve (if you cant nail that infinite), try heihachi. just turtle, let him do something punishable and then 2~2,1 and then f,f+2 followup (or run up and press d+4. easier). the 2~2,1 is safe… and if you want to get tricky, do 2~2,1 and then sidestep up or down quick and do it again. Im not a heihachi player or anything… but 2,2~1 is pretty freaking nasty

heh, aite… i use steve and lee… and i learned on 5.1, so i never knew the 100%…

thanks though

You have to hit them on their side,IIRC…

3 (Hold)1,1…lather rinse, repeat…Remember to hold 3 before you hit 1,1, though.

You can do other stuff…

Like, after the second stun, you can do:

u/f+4->d/f+1,2~1~B->FLK1,1,1->ALB2 (150 DMG)

That’s what I used to use in 5.0.

Hope it helps…