Tekken 5 10th Anniversary Stick any good?

Is that stick an good?

Just a matter of preference. Its got all hori parts so if you have been playing on a full sanwa stick or seimitsu you probably won’t think its to great. But if you’re just starting out with a stick, then its pretty solid.

and is not hard 2 mod .

Tutorial anywhere?

its acutally a bitch to mod, the pcb is soldered on to the buttons.

Fail. I figured they could at least use wires or something.:rofl:

my HRAP2SA got fucked up so I’ve been using the T5 stick.

going back to it, if feels bad… really bad.

it’s not a bad stick but it’s just not responsive enough.

I’m having the hardest time with DPs for some reason with this stick right now. might be just a mental block, who knows…

guess someone new that is not used to anything else would be fine with it.

I used to to play T5DR with it all the time and don’t remember having issues with it.

anyway, to sum it up, not a bad stick over all, just don’t expect top of the line stick performance. (obviously)