Tekken 5 collectors Edition Stick

Hi i need some help cause it seems like my Joystick`s PCB just die…
i mean i was playing last weekend but yesterday i try to practice
and it doesnt work anymore, ive try in others PS2 also in PC
via USB Controller Adapter but no more fun for me.
What can i do?
Im thinking on hacking a Psx/PS2 Pad but maybe is there anyways
to repair it, and one more thing. The Art of my Joystick its going
away so im planing to put some new SFIV Art on it but have no idea
about the steps and tools neededs to do it and of course preventing
it gets erased again. Hope some of you help me, ill be waiting any
answer a soon as you can guys. Late!

You can sell it to me for $20 shipped j/k.

If it died, it died. It might be a wire that has been cut inside the cord, who knows. My experience with wires becoming cut inside the cord though shows that it does burn out the PCB as well. You’re better off just switching out the PCB altogether. The art comes off very easily, just take a razor and stick it under the art until a small part peals back. Grab it and slowly pull off the art.

-Tha Hindu

-Tha Hindu

It sounds like it’s time for someone to mod their tekken 5 stick. Replacing the pcb would require desoldering the pcb from the buttons which would be a good time to swap in some sanwa’s if you have a dremel to dremel out the panel. Also a good time to replace the art.

It cost me so much :sweat:
Couse i dont live in the USA lol
Anyways, thanx for the help.
One more thing, i just mod it with a PSX old pad those
that dont have the DualShock or what ever it name is.
The problem is that X button is allways working alone
for example when playing CvS2 and i tap Star button or
try to soft Reset the game my character does his Tatunt.
And when i solder the PCB i put some Silicone to prevent
the wires get out the PCB. What can i do?
Is anywhere some FAQ or something with pictures to
replace the Art in the Top of my Joystick?
I know my Joystick sucks but understand me please
is the only thing a have and i love cause i replace the Hori
Joystick for a Sanwa JLF but buttons are Hori because of the
PCB problem soldering and desoldering, you knOoO.

thats a nice stick man

if your sticking to ps3 Might I humbly suggest Cthulhu board


if you get the pre assembled one you don’t need to solder

i was going to try this out on one of my old sticks

somebody else would probly say other wise (the smarter people:sweat:)

hope this helps

I just finish to order my Cthulhu board
from LizardLick
But the problem is that i dont have PS3 just PS2/Xbox360
Anyways i think it wont be a problem to mod a Xbox360 pad
inside my Joystick, i cant wait to play SFIV on my Stick.
Thanx for the help!