Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection match


Lili vs Armor King

Omg I Have To Play Armor King! O_o

This game just keeps looking better and better!

PS2 US release plz


Oh noes, will someone plz think about them arcade operators!

EDIT: The Shinning Wizard was fucking beastly.

I can’t wait till it drops in arcades. It would be even better if there was a console release in the future.

Its been at my arcade for at least 2 months now.

…Lucky bastard <_<

And you believe that shit. :wasted:

please tell me the name of the chick in your avatar:wgrin:

Actually some arcades should already have DR, since Namco uses them for testing or whatever.

Like chicago…

Armor King is serious

<3 <3 <3 <3 @ Lili.

That stage music wrecks. Kinda reminds me of Zone of Enders. This game looks tight.

Lili looks insane. :wow: I pray to God this game comes to my arcade (but we got 5.1, so there’s hope).

Oh, and the music was godlike. I hope all the new stages have stuff like that.

Great stuff with Lili and A.King, the game seems a lot faster now and the game seems different for some reason…

3 other great vids up, but none of the new characters are in them.

Panda’s ground game seems to have openned up immensely. Bryan seems like his old self with just a couple more power moves added to his movelist, doesn’t seem he’s that good at pressuring the opponent anymore though, less dominant it seems… or maybe the other characters/players just got a whole lot better. Marduk is a beast currently, new air throw (?) and a bunch of other seemingly abuse-able moves. You don’t get to see much of anything new from Raven, but it does really feel like the game’s speed in general has sped up.

Marduk vs Raven is the best video overall.

Namco gave Yoshimitsu a new look!! 10 points for that!
Man I can wait until it come to Philly arcades!

Yeah, that’s a nice vid. Can’t wait for it’s release, I hope Korean match videos will be available soon.

Btw. You should really check out the first Marduk vs. Raven match video.

yeah that last round was pretty fuckin crazy.