Tekken 5 DR Online Good Games Thread


Some peeps here already are playing online before it comes out in NA in mid August, lucky bastards. :slight_smile:

This is where we anticipate the glory of DR online from those who are already experiencing it.


yup yup its already out in japan and all. im wonderin whos at the top of the ranks now.


we probably know the korean ranks nin.

Cant wait to play this joint,and getting a ps3 soon


thats whats also bothering me,since tekken 6 will be coming out soon why bother anytime soon?


yea theres a rumor that t6 would release very soom after t5dr goes online. i dout that though.


T6 isn’t supposed to be released on PS3 until after SCIV is released, which is sometime in '08.


ooh tite. cuz they already released tedr online in asia so we should get it in ~sept, mabye Oct.


I cant wait for this


just in case you guys didnt know www.sdtekken.com stats that its coming out in mid august.


Which means that, barring any unforeseen delays, it should come out this Thursday.


yup this thurs. or at least the end of this week. dbostick im playing you man lol


You know you and I are gonna get down dbostick on T5:DR online. Wish we could play some mk2 also, lol. Too bad it doesn’t work when we do it.


I can’t wait to play you guys for once, I’m just hoping that the download patch will be this Thursday 'cause I, like everyone else, am really looking forward to this.


I want it for the goddamn training mode so I can finally learn this game. Online play’ll be fun, though. :bgrin:


I’m leaning towards next Thursday the 23rd now…


I’m ready. Who wants to play?


just a guess if anything he probably has a hong kong version or another asian version. if you want it from an asian psn store just follow this tutorial on the TZ forums.


i would do it exept i already have $14.99 in my US psn store. i say might as well wait until thursday and simply just DL the us version.


ooh yea man i see how you can do that, never tried it though. >.> <.<


I can’t wait, Me and Julia for the win


Did you not see my PMs TornadoFlame? MK2 anyone tomorrow between 2:00PM-4:45PM central time?