[Tekken 5 DR] Why team korea should not go

the reason why I’m typing this here is because I can’t post on Zaibatsu prolly cause Maxi banned me or something when I told the world truth about his sorry a** unsportsmanship like attitude…

Anyways…there was the korean SBO 07 qualifiers 28th and 29th of April at Green Arcade in korea. In a controversial decision to let team korea (Nin, Qudans, 200won) play in the finals groupings when they were eliminated in the preliminaires, team korea came out 2nd and a place to attend SBO 07.

What made this all the more BS than it already was the fact that, this decision wasn’t even according to rules, but a back-door trade made between Qudans and Moongchi.

team korea (3rd in their respective bracket) was eliminated in the prelims but got another chance to compete for a spot against the normal 1st and 2nd place teams from each brackets.

The reason why team korea got a spot to compete again with the final group teams was due to the fact that one of the regional team s(not from Seoul) did not have all three members on their team.

Now since they didn’t have all their members, it would be normal to eliminate them out of the picture and just leave team korea out (No matter the consequences, team korea was eliminated from the prelims), but the matter of fact is that the same team played through prelims with only two of their members. And the third one gave a legitimate excuse that was accepted by those who ran the tourney. The other team disqualified well, one of them didn’t come cause he was drunk so (out of question).

Team Korea made 2nd, but it didn’t make any sense. And letting them go to the tourney is ridiculous.

The night before the finals, some of the teams and persons who ran the tourney had drinks…and etc. Moongchi and Qudans obviously worked out between each other to let team korea play in the final grouping.

Moonchi had the other regional teams sit with him and asked them, why not let team korea go again. But the regional teams said “no”, of course since team korea was eliminated from the prelims. So everyone thought team korea was out, and one of the teams missing a member could still go on and play with automatic one loss each match. But then, the persons (AhhSsajokna) running the tourney let team korea play in the spot of the team missing a member. But that was total BS because that team thought they had an “OK” from (AhhSsajokuna) to play with only two members. (even funnier, they didn’t even mention rules before the tourney started, but they made excuses that they go by SBO rules. again which doesn’t make sense.)

Qudans was obviously crying and the drinking table and asking his way through. Even funnier, he said “the japanese will be sad if I don’t come -_-;;” he thinks because he does ewgf cancel better than other koreans, makes him a GOD over there…(obviously they do after the ft battles that Qudans didn’t lose even once).

They say they had no choice but to let things be the way it was…and even at the final groupings, the japanese camera crew had no clue who else to take vids of because team korea was eliminated. (this is according to Nin, which is again BS) Nin says he cares about and has pride in name value (his game name) but comes up with schemes to get his way…(same goes for Qudans and 200won) Everyone who’s ever played with Nin and Qudans knows, how much of a whinner Qudans is altho he doesn’t show it except to few people after tourneys, and how much of an A88 Nin is.

Basically the truth is team korea (Qudans, Nin, and 200won) did not have legitimate right to be competing in the finals, and even be going to SBO 07 in the first place. Why in da h**l did they even host the qualifiers, when they were gonna let team korea go anyways?

Even the Goodbye Qudans tourney was BS. Leedy wasn’t even suppose to attend that tourney. But no~ bi8ch Qudans begged for Leedy to be by his side because he plays better when Leedy is there -_-;; So when the japanese magazine actually asked for the best korean team to come, it was just basically an invitation for Qudans, because MSryu asked for it, and Nin and Knee didn’t want to go with Leedy.

My point in making this post.

I think people should know that team korea does not deserve to go to the SBO 07. They cheated their way through, and they don’t deserve to be one of the teams representing Korea.

But again, this is just my opinion, since the SBO 07 staff aren’t gonna do anything about it, since the japanese camera crew was also at the qualifiers to film team korea (Nin, Qudans, 200won)

But I know there are lots of korean gamers who do not want to see team korea go representing them in SBO 05.

Just thought any gamer who takes alittle price in the games they play should know the truth of a falsly qualified team that will be a SBO 07

SBO 05? I thought we were in 2007? :confused: Do the Jap’s have a different calender or something?

Either way, I don’t care. If Korea goes then they go, and there ain’t a damn thing we can say to stop it.

SBO 2005 is over dude, this is 2007.

oops~ I meant 07…

I musta smoked too much today…

I was confused too but I think he means the 5th SBO.

you sure do have a lot to say about who represents korea for not even living there. either way, nobody cares, tl, dr

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You see the thing is, I live in korea right now. that thing under the ID (tulsa)…is old…that’s when I used to play SC2 and GGXX back few years. I watched the Prelims and the final qualifiers. And also saw those who got disqualified…which I didn’t understand at the time, because they played with only two of the same members the day before…

There are two teams going…

Team Earth and Team Korea. Team Earth got their 1st place, and deserve it…but not Team Korea…I was just pissed to find out what really happened when Borami, another well respected player just exploded to tell the truth…

wait, so is it Team Earth that has only two members? or are they the ones that got put out because one of their members was drunk?

ITT confusion

Whose on Team Earth?

So, you’re saying team Korea got a second chance by taking another teams place after getting eliminated? That is pretty messed up. Another team deserves that spot, watch them get eliminated later on. Forgive me if I read that wrong, my reading comprehension isn’t very good. I thought it was confusing to read :looney:

OK to make things clear. Yes Team Korea got a second chance, although they were eliminated in the prelims. (messed up)

Team Earth is a team of Roger, Jack5 (G-Unit), and a Lee player forget his name…this team came out 1st legitimately.

1st: Team Earth

2nd: Team Korea (but this team wasn’t even suppose to compete in final grouping)

What really should have happened: The team with two members shouldn’t have even played in the prelims since there were only 2 members present (according to rules they gave out after the tournament, because people were wanting answers for this hysteria).

Team Korea also should not have had the chance to play in the final grouping, since they were eliminated in the prelims either ways. But again, the guys who ran the tourney posted stupid rules after the tourney was all over.

There was one other team missing a member because one of them apparently got drunk till 8 in the morning.

Basically the reason why Team Korea got a second chance is due to their name value. Qudans is considered the GOD of DR, Nin is considered the top Steve player, and 200won is undoubtely considered the best Anna player.

The japanese magazine camera crew basically came to korea to film Team Korea, again because their name value and Qudans. If this was some little tourney or even smaller like TiT or something, fine who cares…I remember when G4techTV came down for TiT6, but this was a korean nation-wide T5DR qualifier for SBO 07.

It was just a crap tourney, that ignored other regional teams, and didn’t even give them a right to play, or unfairly put them in a same match up with a team they had already beat ( team UV was the unfortunate team that had to face team korea twice: prelims and final grouping)

want sum bread to go with that whine? hater!

Hey I don’t deny it, I don’t like Nin, Qudans…

Qudans because I’ve seen him WHINE before, and NIN because he is really an A88.

I wouldn’t be a hater if they didn’t have to cheat their way through…I was happy when Nin won SBO 05, and was proud of him…of course that was before I got to know the person he was.

I was hoping Qudans would win Evo 2k6 and show the world what he can do without Steve in 5.0… Of course that was again before I knew the WHINER he was…

I don’t go hatin for nothing, unless I know something.

I’m just fucking witcha man. Do what ya do! Unfair Bastards!

Koreans fight cheap. Soft ban their asses.


I hope to see more beasty Qudans in SBO

This is one of the things I dislike about this scene - people don’t care enough about corruption. I understand it’s freaking Korea so it’s not like we could do anything, but the general principle needs to be reinforced. “2nd chance”…ridiculous!

Remember Evo East last year, with all the brackets of death? Imagine if, after Justin lost to Issei/Mopreme, they kicked Issei out bc he’s Japanese and let Justin into final 8. That seems to be the equivalent here.

Kim Jong Il would have none of it.

LMAO yea…that’s about what it is…Name Value…

I just talked to my friend through the messenger cause he goes to Green Arcade alot more than I do…(I live closer to JeongIn)

I told him, after all this nonsense, if Team Korea has any sense of pride in themselves then they shouldn’t go to SBO 07, but he tells me they’re probably going anyways…