Tekken 5 game/stick bundle $30 at my gamestop

Sorry if this is old news, but as a modder i’m excited. I’m not seeing it on their website. Did I just get lucky?

buy that shit now before its too late!!!

I got mine today. Could someone point me in the right direction on modding the stick’s gate into a circle instead of a square (if at all possible).

And you were lucky. These things are finding homes faster than if Paris Hilton cloned herself hit the drums. It’s not on the website because they sold out of them there, and it’s $30 because Gamestop/EB Games is trying to clear shelf space. It pays to be paitent and wait sometimes.

Trade in the copy of tekken 5 it comes with, and the price drops to $23. Nice deal.

fuck that i got mine back when it was 89.99 lol. then i see it at Frys electronics a year later for 49.99. Now its 29.99! BUY THAT SHIT and mod it! GL

thanks! I got one :). last one.

I just got mine today too. My first stick actually. I looked at the price tag of $69.99 and I asked the guy if it was right. He said yeah and then i told him check again and he found it was $29.99. Good shit and good deal. Now how do I mod this damn thing?

points http://himuragames.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi?board=techinfo&action=display&num=1109887687&start=0

Thanks. Now I actually have something to do when I’m done with homework.

straight gutted in 15 mins. god bless you hori, and you too fickle american consumer. anyone need a mod or a bunch of hori parts? :slight_smile:


is it possible to put a semistu stick on these ??


I just finished the art for my two T5 sticks

I gotta thank Eggy for posting this awhile back:


Now all I need are the parts from Himura :wgrin:

I just got one. How is the stock set up? I am not the most skilled at modding.

hey poon, in tuttle and polaris they’ve got some sfac sticks for $30

I just picked a bundle up. Couldn’t resist the price :wgrin:

Just wanted to know, is the PCB any good? I’m going to be playing this thing on PS2 only, so I think I shouldn’t have any problems… would also like to know of a seimitsu could fit in here as well. :tup:

Snaked the last 3 at Fullerton, CA store. “For these price, they cant be beat” quoted the manager.

Heh, the store clerk where I bought it from said the same thing.

This is a steal.

I’ll eventually mod the buttons on it.

Just picked mine up. Immediately traded in the game and other crap for $7 store credit.

Might pick up their second one in a bit.

Definately worth $30 dollars. The hori stick isn’t bad at all - can execute moves just as often as I would on a JLF… does feel less durable, however.

edit: the corners on the hori gate are rounder as well, not as sharp as the jlf; this might be a good thing depending on your preference/experience. Also, feels like it miight have a slightly longer throw.

thanks for the heads up poon. i picked up the last one at my local Gamestop.

good deal. the stock stick is decent and the buttons are ok, maybe not as good as the stock Agetec buttons. but the base is nice and large and heavy.

this thing will rock with a Sanwa mod.