Tekken 5 hori stick for ps2

hey how is this stick?

i saw it at my local game store used for $60 and i wanted to know if its worth it?

hows the performance?

Decent stick out of the box, but it becomes great when modded with whatever Arcade parts since the case lends itself really well.

Get it NOW!!!

You may find it cheaper but dont risk it. **BUY IT!! THEY ARE RARE!!!
I cant emphasize it enough. As for the quality I would say its high tier.

does it come anywhere near the hori real arcade pro stick?

After you mod it it basically becomes an HRAP. Whay the hell havent you bought it yet?

Because rushing out to buy it at $60 is a bad idea.

First off, they aren’t rare. They are always available on ebay, and if the price of completed auctions is any indication (+/-$60 with shipping for a complete set, arount $30 for the stick by itself), the $60 he quotes isn’t exactly a steal. So there’s no rush.

For the stick by itself, $30 is a decent price for a starter stick. For people who haven’t played on the good stuff, it’s a damn nice stick. For those who do want the best, it’s shit.

HRAP2: $110. T5 Stick: $60 (at the price he gave).
To make an HRAP2 the best possible, swap out the buttons, an extremely easy task, at about $2-$3 each, so total price about $20-$25. Total cost to awesome: 20 minutes and $130

To make a T5 stick the best possible, you need to remove the shitty artwork that gets scratched and exposes the white underneath if you look at it funny (MASSIVE amount of work to just get it off. Replacing with powdercoating:$35. Replacing with artwork plus lexan, prolly $20+ and lots of work.) replace the buttons (same cost as above, plus lots of work grinding down tabs in each hole with a dremel), swap sticks ($25-$35 for a shipped JLF, plug lots of work grinding down the areas the four screw heads need to go to get it to mount to the retard bracket in the T5 stick), and install wires and QD’s tomake replacing buttons easier (IDK, $5?). $60+say $25 for the artwork replace plus $20 for the buttons plus $30 for the stick plus $5 for wire and QD’s =$140 plus MASSIVE amounts of work installing each.

And, after all of that, you’ll still have an inferior stick to the HRAP2.
-You can’t just swap out JLF’s if you need to replace it for some reason; you gotta hack and grind the JLF before it will go into the modded T5.
-You can’t mount Seimitsu sticks if you get the urge without massive modding.
-Lack of a proper mounting bracket means you cant use the dust cover made to go between the panel and the stick. No extra dust cover means its much easier for some crap to get down and wear down the white pivot point.
-Inferior button layout; too easy to mash Start, and I prefer the more curved (some would say authentic) layout on the HRAP2.
-Black plastic housing (I prefer the white cases of the HRAP2’s.)
-No slow or turbo option.

Fuck that. It’s not an awesome deal. If you can get the stick by itself for around $30 or less, and you’re not used ot the awesome stuff, sure, its a good starter stick. But paying twice that, even if it comes with Tekken 5 game, for the purpose of modding it, is a bad idea. Get the good shit from the get go.

^ I stand corrected. I was under the impression that they were rare now.

$60 shipped is pretty average on EBay for a brand-new one. If it was $60 for an SFAC stick that would be a different story.

so should i get it? lol

it sounds like alot of work trying to make it good

i havent played much on any hori stick but i do want the best.

im looking for something for 3s.

i have a happ p360 with convex which i play marvel with but it just doesnt do with 3s.

They’re certainly not rare, but there is certainly no doubt that they are becoming less common.

As a pessimistically humorous follow-up to Toodles’ post (which I do agree with 100%), I believe HRAP2’s are rare now. :rofl:

EDIT: Hahah, maybe not!

Not to threadjack but I got a similar dilemma. A guy is willing to sell me practically new SFAC and T5 stick for $120 total. I’m pretty sure I will buy them for that price, just need a kick in the ass to spend another $100+ on gaming stuff.

Oddly that sounds about right. The SFAC are “rarer” than the T5 sticks. For some reaosn they got for minimum $80 on ebay not inlcuding shipping. So $100 for both seems liek a good deal of the cases didnt get the shit out of them.

I haven’t seen the sticks in person but the guy said they are barely used, in great cosmetic condition, and are still in the original boxes. I would either keep them for collection sake or make a few quick bucks and sell them on EBay.

You might want to be careful. EB and Gamestop don’t get the Tekken 5 stick traded in very often, but when they do they sell it for 20 bucks. Just something to think about.

Most people say you have to dremel up the stick but you dont. If you drill through the tabs on the mounting plate you can fit the stock t5 screws in there and it will line up perfectly. pm me for some pics.