Tekken 5 hori stick mod question

alright. so ive been a fighting fan for a while. i played SF:AC with the 6 button pads and enjoyed it because i started with chapionship edition on genesis so it was similar. but now ive been playing SF4 on the standard 360 controller since launch and after a few hundred live matches im getting cramped and i feel like my technique has maxed out for that controller. i dont have alot of dough but i found in my closet a brand new tekken 5 hori stick. its the one that came in the tekken bundle and its for ps2. i was wondering if anyone knows how to mod this for 360 or knows of a site with good instrictions on how to mod? ive got the tools needed and i can get my hands on a cheap wired 360 controller. any help appreciated. thanks!

couldn’t you just get the ex2

You’re looking for the padhacking thread, which you can find here:

This should be a fairly easy mod, just desolder the pcb from the buttons and joystick, rip it out, and connect your new one. I’d look into upgrading to actual Sanwa parts, though, as the components in the T5 are far from great.

Yeah, definitely consider the upgrade from the Hori stick to a Sanwa JLF, it’s a fairly simple mod as you can find from the T5 modding thread. The T5 buttons are okay, but if you’re used to arcade quality parts then you will be disappointed.

As for the conversion to a 360, you will just need to buy a 360 PCB, preferrably the Madcatz arcade stick as most people say it is by far the simplest, and rewire that to all your new internals. Personally I feel the T5 mod is by far one of the best, you essentially have a HRAP when you are finished for 30-60 dollars for the case and parts. Search for the T5 Modding thread, it has tons of useful information, and if you find it to be a little much, look into the Dreamcast Agetec (Green Goblin) mod, it is also a nice mod for a great case.

awesome! thanks very much for the help. i’ll deff look into those threads. as for now i get a pretty good win percentage from just a standard 360 pad. im looking to get used to using a stick then i’ll get into upgrading parts. thanks again guys:rock:

thanks for the knowledge.

That is the main T5 hori mod thread? The link doesn’t work. I’ve been looking for that thread for awhile now and have had no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what high quality buttons to use? I remember do the fact that this stick requires a certain type of button due to the size of the holes or something.


Just buy a x360 convertor.

And put that Xbox 360 pad money on some Sanwa parts later if your stick goes bad.

Yes that’s the thread. Much thanks.

Actually, I’m trying to play on my PS2. Now if there was a lagless converter that let you play a 360 stick on your PS2, then I definitely wouldn’t bother to replace these buttons on my t5 hori. ; )