Tekken 5 hori stick mod


I am brand new to modding and i was wondering if there was any step by step guide for modding a tekken 5 hori stick? I am playing it on the ps2 for virtual fighter 4 evo. I want to upgrade my stick with sanwa parts.


I found the answer in this thread (Tekken 5 Hori PS2 mod

Seems like it might be a little work to mod it from stock, but after that you’ll be ready for Sanwa parts going forward :slight_smile:


You can always do a ps360+ if you’re not good at soldering. Then make a ps2 rj45 cable.


Be prepared to sand down those button tabs. Plug in Dremel recommended.


Does this mean the button hole diameter is smaller on the Tekken 5 model than on the SE or SA models? If so I guess you could make the hole diameter bigger, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth.

How about using screw-in buttons instead? If that works it might be worth the time saved over using a dremel.


No, they are standard 30 mm holes it’s just they had tabs in the panel to hold the stock hori buttons in place.

something like this with the grey being the metal panel


Pretty much its like what he said, the image is an exaggerated bit the point is clear.
You can knock those two metal tabs off with a file or dremel tool and then you can use standard buttons


Why does the guide have you sand down the plastic tabs on the buttons then?

Just OBSF-30’s, right?


A guide is just that, a guide. You do not necessarily have to sand down the tabs on push buttons unless you have issues with putting those buttons into the holes in the panel.

Its Why when I do a build thread I rather put out it out as a Work Log rather than a Guide, as the work log is what I myself have done rather than what must be done.
I can also skip or gloss over sections in a Work Log more easily.