Tekken 5 Hrap - Korean Modding tutorial

I’ve seen a few people asking how to put a Fanta in a T5 HRAP or equivalent recently. So I figured I would take a few pictures of the process. I’m gonna skip the dis-assembly and de-soldering since there is already a T5 modding thread with that info.

Main Tools I used:

  • Drill Press
  • Various Drill Bits (don’t know exact sizes)
  • 35mm or 1 3/8" Step Bit

First thing you gotta do is remove the mounting plate for the Hori stick. To do this you need to drill out the weld spots on the mounting plate. I used a bit that is slightly larger than the weld spots. When you drill in the metal control panel, it is a good idea to use some type of lubricant to lessen the damage on your tools. ( I used some old gear oil)


Once you’ve drilled out the welds, the mounting plate will come off with little to no effort.


Now that the mounting plate is off you need to drill a 35mm (1 3/8") hole for the base of the Fanta stick go through. There are various bits you could use to do this, but I used a 1 3/8" step bit.



After you’ve drilled the hole you may need to clean the edges, for this I used a metal file.


Now you need to mark the holes that will be used to mount the stick. To square up your stick put it on the control panel and make a few marks, then use a combination square to draw out the lines you marked. Now you can place your stick back on the control panel and mark your mounting holes.



Next you have to drill and countersink you mounting holes. Once the holes have been countersunk, you may need to clean the hole up by using a larger drill bit to ensure the area is flat. I also went over the area with an electric sander.



If you want you can create a spacer from something like wood or MDF to mount the korean stick at the correct height. All I used were some washers stacked on top of one another. The stick is suppose to be mounted with 1 or 2mm of the base protruding from the top of the control panel.


Hope this tutorial helps anyone interested in attempting this mod. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge. I’m going to eventually finish modding this case with all korean parts, plexi, etc…


I recently modded another Tekken 5 stick. This time I modded it so a variety of sticks would fit, such as an LS-32-40-56, JLF, and Korean sticks. I found that using washers to space the sticks made swapping them a hassle so this time a made a spacer from a piece of 1/4" wood. The spacer is used with the JLF and Korean sticks and puts both at there correct heights.






I also modded the Tekken 5 case so the Screws holding the top panel on can be removed without having to take the bottom panel off. To do this I used some JB-Weld to stick T-nuts under the case.



You’ll want to scuff up the bottom of the T-nut and around the hole on the inside of the case before applying the JB-Weld.


I used the Screw to align and keep pressure on the nut while the JB-Weld dried overnight.



Wow man, this is really great. I’ve seen someone put a Fanta in their T5 before but just pictures, never knew how it was possible.

And there is room inside the case for the stick? I always thought K-sticks were much larger than Japanese style.

Yeah the stick fit’s fine in the HRAP cases, It only protudes under the control panel 2 - 2 1/4". So this mod should be possible with the madcatz sticks aswell, although I doubt someone would want to cut up a perfectly good TE.

nice guide. i loves me some Fanta action on Tekken =D

Nice tutorial, DJ-Blitz! Subscribed. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look as complicated as many thought as long as you have a drill and the right bits.

You actually need a 1 3/8" bit for a 35mm hole.

I’m gonna add and update some stuff in this thread pretty soon, all of my parts have arrived except my art/plexi. Also I have modded another Tekken 5 case for a Korean stick, but this time I used the correct bit. So I will be changing some of the pictures in the tutorial.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple, but for some reason a lot of people are intimidated by mounting Korean sticks.

Thanks for pointing that out, I should have looked that up before submitting the thread.

I updated the first post with another Tekken 5 Mod and added a small tutorial showing how to make the inside of the the HRAP 1 cases accessible from the top, without having to remove the bottom panel.

My idea of adding a mounting bracket for K sticks to J cases was using a piece of wood as well, so I’m very curious about the dimensions of that wooden piece you made. Did you start out by drilling a 35mm hole first and then aligning the screw holes and tracing them from a stick in place?

The wood is a 1/4"x4" peace of poplar I cut to about 5". I marked and drilled out my mounting holes first, then I bolted it down and drilled out the 35mm hole while it was attached to the control panel. You could do it either way, but if you drill the 35mm hole while it’s attached to the control panel it’s sure to line up.


If you mod any cases for korean sticks post them up, I’d be interested in seeing them.

Alright, I’m finally going to put a Korean stick in my HRAP, but I’m still a little worried about the wiring. Is there a wiring diagram or any instructions that can help me wire it up?

Any information would be good, and appreciated.

Just received my K-stick from Ryan looks like my big body T6 is getting her stick orifice expanded. Well its off to Harbor Freight to snag a step bit, you can’t beat 14.99 for a set of 2

oh and thanks DJ-Blitz your guide exceptional