Tekken 5 Its Not That Good

I recently buy tekken 5 and after playing it for some days, i cant get to see the good about this tekken, cause for me its just the same as the other just with some new stuff, i just prefer soul calibur II intead of it.

Tekken 5 is awesome.

It’s good i wouldn’t go as far as saying awesome in fact i personally think the home version stinks.

decent game lousy package syndrome, lets hope the pal or jap releases get beefed up i wont be holding my breath though

What’s wrong with the console port? “lousy package syndrome”? Eh?

the only flaw i see with the ps2 version is that namco dropped the ball and didnt include the stat tracking, yet you can still get rankings, which is dumb. cant believe they left it out.

other than that, tekken 5 is great. you can say the same thing about every other fighting game, being the same. you say you prefer soul calibur 2, yet the only thing that changed from 1 to 2 was the wall system really. so it just seems like your opinion just became moot point.

Yeah this got me as well. When I asked some friends what their win/loss records were they didn’t know. Yet the PS2 screenshots on tekken-official show stat tracking so I kinda think the JP version will get it. But with that I really hope the PAL version does too, probably won’t happen but you can hope. It’s the least they can do for MAKING US WAIT THIS LONG!

I like the home version. If you guys check out the trailers in the ‘Theater’, you will see opening trailers for ‘upcoming T5’ that showcases the expected features and highlights of t5. Check out the JP TGS one (the last Japanese one you can find). Good music, good layout, and it gets you excited for T5 even though it already came out lol. It’s that good.

Original poster… you need to play more T5 with good players. that’s how it becomes fun.

it’s alright

it’s no vf

but what is

I got my money’s worth. I could care less about stat tracking. Thats why people have to pay five bucks already for the card at the arcade. Plus, stat tracking would have taken a good chunk of memory on the PS2 memory card. I guess Namco figured people are still gonna be playing this in the arcades even after it comes out for the PS2.

What I was hoping for was some sort of compatibility with the T5 card and the memory card. Like making some sort of specific gadget that would hook up to the PS2’s USB ports and transfer your stats to the PS2 memory card. Therefore you would keep getting more wins/losses and other stuff on the PS2. Not everyone has the time to go to the arcades to get a higher rank.

fuk vf,

T5 > VF4
and they didn’t need to update the same game twice either
T5 > any 2d fighter

join the revolution

Let’s be clear on something.

No-one is going to make their game play like VF. If you want to play a game like VF, you play VF. Simple as that.

Tekken playing like VF would just be dry anyway.

WTF Tekken 5 is the shit its really good. Its the second best Fighting game out behind Guilty Gear Reload

And of course you fall under the “I have an arcade so I don’t give a shit” category. Unlike the US, Wales (especially) has no arcades, let alone fighters. I want stat tracking because I’ll only be able to play it on console.

so? thinking along those lines, who gives a fuck about minor upgrades or patches!

t5 is awesome so i disagree there.

but i do agree it’s no vf4. but then again, nothing will be like vf4.

Both games kick ass in its own way.

Yeah I was hoping for some kind of interactivity with the ps2 version and the arcade. I was also thinking they would do some type of hookup to the ps2 where you can use your data cards. Let’s see what happens when the japanese ps2 version hits. I do know that when you buy a t5 memory card in japan, it comes packaged with some data cards for the arcade.

and stat tracking would not take up any space on a memory card. if youve played any vf4 on ps2, that game has 87687436587385763 times more customizations per character, it has win/loss records, and it has individual stats like “how many high attacks landed” or “successful throw escapes”. game has like roughly 100 different categories based on actual fight stats. and the saves are tiny.

T5 owns SC2, but not VF4:FT. Fo Rizzle.

what he said. :bgrin:

Oh god lets not start the VF vs Tekken debate again (remembers how ugly the T4 vs VF4E thread turned out)

There was an actual arguement about that?!

Tekken fans :shake: :tdown:

Idiot > bender mark2

SF 3rd Strike > all other fighters