Tekken 5 mod noob


I’m new to SRK, and i just bought a tekken 5 stick the other day. i want to do small mods like change the button color, and put different artwork on the faceplate. the questions that i have are; what is the name of the buttons that come in the stick (i really like those buttons, but i just want to change the color.), and where can i buy those extra parts. i also want to change the artwork, so what techniques do you recommend that i try to make my stick really stand out? any advice would be great. I’m sorry if i overlooked a thread, but thanks in advance for any help you can give.


This thread will give you some info on modding it:


The stock buttons are made by Hori and I’m pretty sure only come in red. What you will want is Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. They have a pretty good selection of colors and are much better buttons than the Hori’s. Get them from ponyboy in the Trading forums.


You just think you like those buttons. Replace them with some Sanwa’s and all will be well. You might as well change out the stick too while you’re at it.


Seimitsus are good too :slight_smile:


I wanna mod my T5 stick and I want to know will a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T stick be compatible?


I have the same stick, and I’m not sure if it’ll fit. Our best bet would be to draw a diagram of the the joystick mounting plate with as much information as possible and compare it to the Sanwa diagrams (if they have any).