Tekken 5 PS2 Stick -> X360 possible/easy?

As in the topic, I own a Tekken 5 Anniversary stick for the ps2, however I really want to use the stick to play Street Fighter 4 for the 360. I haven’t really taken on a project like modding a stick before, but I’m willing to try – the thing is there isn’t a guide on doing this specific stick, and I’m not quite sure what the possibilities are on the hori stick.

I want some reassurance before I buy some parts, and it seems these forums are a great place to ask. The stick is a hori, so I want to believe it looks like a RAP inside, or even the 360’s EX2 stick, but you know what they say about assumptions…

  1. I’m assuming there’s a PCB inside the stick that is hardwired (soldiered) to each button, would it be a simple task of unsoldiering the buttons to this pcb and replacing it with a wired controller (360 Gamestop 2008 from my research)?

  2. Are there any unforeseen intricacies within the stick that I need to watch out for / be aware of? There isn’t a guide of anyone opening it up or modding this stick, so I have no idea what lays inside. Some things might be completely awkward looking buttons (it is hori afterall, so they are probably similar inside to a RAP?).

  3. I don’t understand the trigger buttons on the 360 PCB at all, as I only see 1 ground for the LB/LT and none on the right side… I’m more comfortable using a 22 guage wire to individually ground each connection and this bothers me. Can someone explain ‘daisy chaining’ and if that’s what is done for these buttons?

I am completely willing to take photos of my endeavors if I can get the help to get started.



Don’t want to bump the thread with just a Thank you, but I appreciate the help Rcaido!

I think I will start the project sometime next week and detail a step by step. Would this be something useful to contribute to these forums? I’d like to think a lot of tekken players stepped up and got this as their first stick (seeing as how the tekken arcade stick literally looks like this, square gate and all).

Then again I suppose the ps3 is where it’s at for fighting games…