Tekken 5 stick~360 help

Yo, guys. I need some help here.

I wanted a decent stick for the 360 but didn’t feel like ordering or hunting down a HRAP for the xbox, so I decided that i’d just grab my old ass Tekken 5 crap-stick and tear it apart.

This will be my first attempt at modding a stick, so if I sound virtually retarded on a subject I probably am.

What I really need to know now is if I Sanwa (or any other manufacturer–whichever you guys suggest) parts will fit relatively well and if not what I should do for this pad.

Also, if there is a Xbox 360 soldering guide i’d love to look at it, it’d help tremendously.

Thanks for the help, peeps! :wgrin:

Edit: The 360 controller is wired by the way.

This has been answered many times before. Search, search and then, search. Take a look at the stickies. More searching will be your friend.