Tekken 5 stick lags on Mame

I’m currently using a Super Joybox 3 usb hookup for playing Mame and I’m noticing a bit of lag that just ruins fighting games. I know the hori faq states the Wind Spirit adapter is lag free but I haven’t been able to find any of those through google. Does anyone have any recommendations for that stick and using Mame lag free? Thanks for any info.

I have a modded T5 stick and I use this:

Its wireless but I have tested it ALOT and I have not noticed ANY lag whatsoever. I use it about 15 feet away in another room separated by a wall and it works great with NO lag on MAME, nulldc and every other emulator I have ever used including straight pc games.

Sector 7 for US T5 Hori Stick. That’s what I use. No lag at all. Even online.

…that went well.