Tekken 5 stick mod fu#k up


Thanks for the kind words, that’s actually a Six Axis Adapter for a PS3 1st Party PCB. Makes it bluetooth, B/C and works with Brook super converters wirelessly as well.

Ah for weights, now I get it. Yeah I figured expanding foam might be a messy job, always looking for that next idea you know…


Tried the copper tape. No go. Going to try to solder to a trace down the line. But not to sure how. This is my last chance and don’t want to fu@k it up again lol. Would really appreciate some info and pics or vids on how to do so.


sand down the trace a bit to expose the copper line then when exposed use the copper tape and then do you soldering, you still have that hole trace to work with if you mess it up, worse case scenario tap into the actual pin from the chip, you can do this!

PS: You maybe able to do it without the copper tape but you’d be soldering to a very fine trace, the copper tape will give you more room to work with. Also set your solder to 350 at the most, if using a plug in solder gun with no adjustments, make sure is under 30watts, anything higher is going to keep giving you problems.


I made the same mistake three times in 2017, snagged a few hori mini 4’s for peanuts.

Decided I would use the pcb’s in a couple of customs and a TE shell so I could flog them off

I desoldered the action buttons from the pcb, then tried to solder to the start, select and PS, and resolder to action button board

All 3 times destroyed them, could not even once solder a good connection to the start, select and PS.

I ain’t got time to practice soldering, I just watch a YouTube before every attempt.


Going to try tonight. Fairly confident now on trace soldering