Tekken 5 stick mod help


I believe there is a thread with lots of information on modding the Tekken 5 PS2 stick here, but I can’t find it. Can someone please post the thread link?

Or just tips on what kind of paint to use would be helpful. Wanting to paint it white… Anybody???

primer, paint, clear

couple of coats each and sand in between with fine sandpaper. give everything enough time to dry

Is there anyway to fix the buttons of the T5 if one of the buttons are becoming unresponsive during gameplay?

From what I’ve tried, Duplicolor Vinyl & Fabric High Performance works really well on plastic cases like the tekken 5 stick. You can find them at most auto stores.

Open it up, desolder, and replace the button.

Would the Sanwa JLF-TP-8T joystick fit into the tekken sticks “plate”??
(the top metal panel). a friend gave me his old stick cuz it was broken and now im gutting it and replacing the old parts. Any help would be appriciated :wonder:

should try to use the search function. A few threads down had this answered:

Thanks :lovin:

The search function has never worked for me, so I don’t blame him.

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