Tekken 5 stick mod, my first!

Just finished my Tekken 5 stick Mod. After wearing out one of the crappy Hori buttons, I got fed up with it and decided to mod it. I figure I either destroy it or get a new one. So I said what the heck. So here it is, let me now if anyone’s interested in complete instructions on how I did this. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I just followed the steps in the below thread.


Just added quick disconnects. If I could do this anyone can.

Questions? comments? Tips for my next mod? Except be careful not to scratch the artwork like I did. Damn.



I only added quick disconnects, and used a Sanwa JLW-TM, and Seimitsu Screw-Ins 30mm, 24mm buttons. But I did follow most of what that post said on Humira games site. Thanks!

I don’t know if this thread is still alive but I recently got this T5 stick also. And I’m wondering if there is anyway to remove the tekken 5 decal on top? Would removing it affect the button’s gap between? I just want to know if there’s an easier way to remove the decal without damaging the stick or the buttons, because as far as i can see, the only way to remove it is to cut it open or something. Thoughts?

first off, this is where you need to go for finding out about modding the t5 stick

As for the sticker, to remove it youll have to take the top panel off, remove the joystick and buttons. YOull have to use alot of force to peel the sticker off. then youll need to scrape off all the adhesive residue. If you need it done right away i use brake cleaner, wire brush and scraping tool. If you can wait, i usually fill a mop bucket with water and some solution (mr clean/ fabuloso) Let the metal plate soak for a day and it scrapes off very easily

LOL this thread is almost a year old

Ah thank you very much!