Tekken 5 Stick on eBay for $66 shipped if anyone is looking for a stick

I was thinking of getting it but since i already ordered a MAS Super Pro Stick i decided to pass. $66 shipped with Buy It Now is awesome. I hear there very good but a little hard to mod which was what turned me off and pass it up. So hopefully i see a fellow SRK members who needs one and gets it.


Saw it earlier myself, I just got one for 40 last week otherwise I would have snapped it up

Already have 4 sticks and really don’t need another but thanks man I know someone here will snatch this thing right up.

Once you do one mod, it’s not that hard to mod the T5 stick.

Things to keep in mind –

  1. the depth of the base from the bottom of the faceplate to the internal plastic base’s bottom is only 2 and 5/8 inches. Keep this in mind with the depth of the buttons and Sanwa/Seimitsu stick from the faceplate bottom. MEASURE ALL THESE BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE PCB inside the internal plastic base. You have to keep the pegs or whatever you use to secure the PCB and terminal to the inner plastic base LOW. I’d recommend pegs 1/4" or shorter in height to secure the PCB. Hot-gluing the terminal is good enough.

  2. give yourself at least 10" of 22-gauge wiring to work with when crimping and attaching Quick Disconnects. I had 8" of wiring and it almost wasn’t enough to connect to the buttons! Very, very tight tolerances!

  3. Keep all your JLF wire harness… Use electrical tape and plastic zip to secure the excess harness within the base and control it but DON’T cut it off!

  4. repainting the T5 plastic base takes longer than anything else you have to do to the interior… between sanding and drying periods, you’re talking at least 1-2 days total.

  5. DON’T try to do everything in one day… pace yourself over at least a week and you’ll probably be happier with your results.

Wow, I’m lucky I just won 100$ in a lottery first try yesterday. Gon’ get me a PS2 Stick :).

I won this one off Ebay

I won this of Ebay for$77. Seems like I got a good deal. I hope the link work


U got the deal of the century. I’m always keeping my eyes open for that type of bargin on sticks and then i’ll snatch it up with Auction Sniper.

haha thats my stick! i also have a few other thing up for grabs but yea, they aren’t to tough 2 mod considering it was my first ever stick i have modded, here is what it looks like if any one is interested!

oh and thanks wilmer007 for making this thread! def a big help! :tup:

Umm guys this topic is so that whoever wants to buy the stick can buy it. not a showcase topic…

Hopefully I can get it before someone else does. Just gotta wait for someone. :]

It’s too bad it’s US only because that’s exactly what I need at the moment :(.

I wonder why there isn’t an option for Canadian Shipping.

its gone