Tekken 5 Stick up for grabs


Currently selling off my Hori Tekken 5 joystick (The one that was released in the USA with the game). Currently on Ebay;


Looking for $40.00 for the stick. In great shape, never modded and has slight scratches on it. Moving on to the PS3 and the Hrap 3 :slight_smile:

S/H 6.00 for normal shipping. If you want it faster, let me know.


where are you shipping from

i can pay right away


Wow, $6 for shipping?


god damnit…I’ll give you 41! jk :sad:


The Ken and Ryu stick looks good, but I haven’t played with the Japanese layout before so don’t know if I can get used to it. good luck selling it.


has that t5 stick sold yet?

pm me if so


Where did you see this?


Click on “view seller’s other items”


i got some guys i know to buy the custom sticks :wink:


D: bid placed on the t5 stick




noooo D: