Tekken 5 T5 stick - how to mount PCB? glue gun?

For all of you who modded your T5 sticks, after adding wires to the PCB and routing them to the buttons, how did you secure the PCB (circuit board)?

I’m thinking of just using hot glue, as it can be easily removed. Any suggestions for alternate methods?

hot glue is the way to go imo

Are you using hot glue to seure the wires to the PCB? I have only heard of soldering the wires to the PCB. If so, that would make it easier for me when I mod my Hori Saturn Stick this weekend.

i think he means just using hot glue to hold the pcb in place inside the stick so it doesn’t move around while he transports the stick. but as far as i know, hot glue is safe to reinforce solder points, then again I’m no expert o_O.

I just left the PCB in the box. I used a little extra wire when I soldered it to the board, and that seems to press it down a bit. It doesn’t really move around much at all.

Thanks for the input guys, I think I’ll just solder everything together first and then see if there’s still a need to hold down the board.

Does anyone know where the PCB’s are located inside HRAPs?

the pcb in the t5 hori is located right ontop of the buttons since the buttons are soldered directly on them. When u unscrew the top plate and flip it over you should see the green pcb where the buttons should be.