Tekken 5 Tiers?

Have any tiers start to emerge in Tekken 5 yet? So far I see Steve,King,Beak, Feng Wei and Bryan Fury becoming the most played around here.

I personaly have been using Christie and holding my own against them all. I do not play the button mashing Christie everyone is acustomed to seeing but a competitive one where I use pokes and mixups to confuse the heckout of people. I am not goign to stop playing her I just was wondering where she and everyon eelse stacks up.

My personal opinion based on korean results and personal opinions.

  1. Steve
  2. Nina

3-5 Law, Raven, Bryan in no order.

I have heard bryan is number 2 in korea, but I think nina’s oki and poking is just too good so i think she’s better than him. I favor fast/safe pokers so law is up there. I really don’t think bryan is THAT good, but damn too much damage and then wakeup game. Raven is a savage, and he has a good ground game, but again his poking game ain’t so great. I think as time progresses, he won’t be top 5, and lucky if he’s top 10.

I haven’t seen feng yet, so I can’t judge him but I heard he’s really good on east coast.

guys like ling and julia and paul will always be good cuz you can play them og style and still win, just takes more effort. Paul needs like 5 moves, much like SC 2 Xianghua.

Bruce is probably also a savage if he has safe stuff, he does good damage.

The game’s still young and opinions obviously differ between regions. Here’s what I hope is a good summary of the overall standings, but keep in mind I lack the personal experience to accurately judge things for myself. Also, these aren’t really done in order for the most part, so don’t freak out if so-and-so isn’t ranked very high. Remember, there are a LOT of characters.

Top tier (for sure):
Bryan <-Depends on who you ask, but if anyone else is in the top 3, it’s him

Other top 5-7 candidates:

Upper mid:
Bruce <-Maybe, his juggle game is improving but comparisons to Bryan hurt his image
Paul <-Another maybe, still buff but linear as hell

Devil Jin

Lower-mid (a lot of these I’m not sure about):
Ling <-I might be dead wrong, I just don’t know where to put her yet

I’ll forgo posting a low tier list 'cause again, it’s a bit too early to tell. Obviously some characters are definite candidates if they don’t improve anytime soon, but I don’t feel like getting ahead of myself.

paul be beasting at so cal regional

as said earlier. paul won so cal regionals (even tho finals wasn’t played?)

rob there is NO way in hell that asuka is better than anna, so your list is a P.O.S.

hmmm. i think feng is the best, according to the best players in the world, #1 used feng. #2 julia. I dunno about bryan, he’s very good but not better than julia, IMO

fuck ya paul still a beast

East coast best does not = Worlds best.

Steve is #1, Nina is #2.

After that, it’s still subject to a lot of conjecture.

Zig: Tell your guys not to win Northwest regionals. We couldn’t squeeze a Canadian into top 2, on this side.


Great, so what’s your point?

Frank, read the damn post.

According to who? Jinmaster? :lol:

My view of ling and julia is the same as paul, so I disagree with ling being low, but that’s your list not my opinion. They just don’t have that much new stuff, so they don’t stand out, but yeah that paul/jack 5 layer beat some of the best ninas and steves in the country.

This game is not broken!.. yet

Uhm, when?

hes probly refering to jop?
err… lets keep tier listings out of here game is hella young this is srk not tz…

at regionals. Not saying he’s top tier, I don’t think neremixed was either, upper mid sounds accurate to me.

Tom forfeited to Arario in the grand finals 'cause he had to leave. And I severely doubt Arario used Jack in a match that mattered unless he used him 'cause the opponent was ignorant towards that character, as I’ve never heard of him using Jack seriously before. Plus there’s the fact that Arario’s just really good. I think Paul’s hella good myself, hence why I put him in upper mid (a fact you people seem to ignore).

according to the other thread he beat insanelee 3-0.

I know.

As far as top 3 goes, I agree with Zig, Brian is that fucking good. Guy is just a hoss. Imo King isnt to far below that either, damaging combos, really safe poke strings plus his throw arsenol.

king and safe poke strings… no.

So df+1,2 suddently became punishable? :confused: That’s news to me.